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Speed Rails

A bar speed rack is one of the most important accessories of any bar, tavern, or pub. It can be used as a bottle holder for frequently used bottles of mixes and liquor. Here at Rapids Wholesale, we give you a large selection of speed rails. Eagle-brand bar speed racks and our own-manufactured speed rails for bars are guaranteed durable and are particularly built to withstand a busy bar atmosphere. 

Faster Service with Quality Bar and Restaurant Speed Rails 

Customers and patrons expect your bar and restaurant staff to serve and mix drinks quickly and efficiently. And with good reason: your customers frequent your bar and fork over good money to enjoy their time drinking at your establishment, so why not reward their loyalty with excellent service on top of great-quality drinks? Needless to say, your business largely depends on how fast and efficient your bar staff can prepare, mix, and promptly serve cocktails to your patrons. Grab every advantage you can to help your bartender serve your customers as quickly as possible, and one secret is utilizing speed rails and speed racks for your bar or restaurant.

A stainless-steel speed rail should be one of the must-have pieces of equipment to have in your bar, pub, or tavern. Bar speed racks are utilized to hold and display bottles of liquor and spirits such as whiskey, bourboun, vermouth, and other mixes for cocktails suck as lime juice, grenadine, and others.

The strategically placed bar, restaurant, or kitchen speed rack will help your bar staff save much-valued time. Why? Because perfectly organized bottles that can be easily accessed or grabbed while preparing cocktails is the main purpose of utilizing speed racks for kitchens and bars.

With Rapids Wholesale's single and double speed rails, you can expect to improve your bar staff's efficiency, which in turn can speed up your establishment's liquor service, which in turn can  increase your profits in the long and short run.  

How to Set Up a Bar Speed Rack for Your Establishment

In setting up your speed rail for bar, you might want to consider assembling your liquor and mixer bottles from right to left on your bar or kitchen speed rack. Arrange the bottles in this order: mixers first (like lime juice, grenadine, and similar liquor mixers) and then the dark drinks next such as Tennessee whiskey, bourbon, and scotch, etc. Up next on your speed rack should be the flavored liquors such as vermouth and then, lastly, the clear ones, which include vodka, gin, and tequila.  

Stock the front of speed rails for bars, preferably the double speed rails, with ordinary liquor instead of other mixes or ingredients. This way, if a customer asks for a drink, that he specifically wants, it will be visible for him at the outset and can request for it by brand name. If the patron requests for a generic drink, your bartender can mix it with the not-so-expensive ingredients.

Bar Speed Rack Selections Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids, you can choose from a wide selection of speed rails perfect for any bar, tavern, or pub. Organize your establishment's drink selection with the perfect bar or kitchen speed rack, which will greatly speed up your kitchen and bar staff's serving speed.

We at Rapids Wholesale have a wide range of bar speed rails and bottle racks to choose from. You  Choose any stainless-steel speed rail from Rapids, or you might also want a bar speed rack from the Eagle restaurant equipment. Our speed rails are available in single and double speed rails.

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