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Keg Spacer for Tapping- Devault ICD-1000

SKU: 9D001
Item #: Devault Enterprises ICD 1000
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Quick Overview

Beer Keg Spacer 7" Height 

This keg spacer is sixteen inches in diameter and seven inches in height. Eliminate shelving in your storeroom while providing tavern-head access to beer kegs.

Keg Spacer is  7" in height. Use between two stacked kegs to allow tapping  and eliminates the need for shelving

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  • Keg spacer allows you to stack beer kegs and still be able to tap them
  • Keg spacer eliminates the need for shelving. You can stack beer kegs and still tap them
  • Keg Spacer for Tapping- Devault ICD-1000
  • keg spacers used in a beer cooler to stack kegs
  • Keg Spacer for Tapping- Devault ICD-1000


Beer Keg Spacers

Great for Stacking Beer Kegs but still allowing access for Tapping

Keg stackers and spacers available here at Rapids Wholesale allow for efficient stacking of empty or full beer kegs, so you can save a lot of space in your business establishment. Keg spacers, in particular, will allow you to simultaneously tap both top and bottom kegs while they are stacked, helping you save even more space in your stockroom. This particular setup works well if you want to eliminate shelving via keg spacers in your storeroom while providing tavern-head access to your stored beer kegs.

With a Keg Spacer, You Eliminate the Need for Steel Shelving

With keg spacers available here at Rapids Wholesale, you can tap two stacked kegs at the same time, which allows you to utilize minimal space. This also means you are not required to utilize steel shelving for storing and tapping kegs, which is great news if you have limited space in your stockroom or storeroom. A keg spacer is also great for walk-in coolers that are tight on space. Our keg spacers here at Rapids Wholesale are made of hard, heavy-duty plastic that is guaranteed to last for many uses.

Keg spacers are an excellent compliment to long-draw systems. Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from two long-draw beer systems: glycol systems and forced-air systems. You can assemble a complete glycol system in no time with our selection of glycol chillers, glycol trunk lines, and other glycol-system accessories. Under our forced-air system, you can choose from a large selection of air-shaft blowers, air-shaft ducts, tube insulation, and duct connectors.

Devault ICD-1000 Details and Features

  • Insert keg spacers between barrels to eliminate shelving and provide tavern-head access
  • With our keg spacer, you can stack three 1/4 barrels or two 1/2 barrels vertically
  • Keg stackers and spacers are made of hard, tough, and heavy-duty red plastic
  • Diameter: 16 inches
  • Height: 7 inches

Additional Information

Brand Devault Enterprises
MPN ICD 1000
SKU 9D001
Color No

Customer Reviews

Works very well, but could be just a bit better

These work very well and I plan on getting more. However, the ridge that sits over the bottom keg could be a bit deeper. They have a tendency to slide off when loading other kegs on to them.

Reviewed by Heisenbeer on 8/24/2015

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