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Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a selection of restaurant espresso machines manufactured by one of the most reputable brands in commercial coffee-making machines, Cecilware. Get a restaurant espresso machine that is also ideal for use in café, delis, and coffee shops.

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What Is a Commercial Espresso Machine?

Espresso machines have been around for many years since their invention in 1903. The modern espresso machine, however, was said to have been perfected by Achiles Gaggia. However, the making of espresso as a craft has existed for thousands of years, and has therefore predated automatic espresso machines.

Espresso commercial machines were developed so business establishments could produce espresso for their customers at a faster rate and to keep on producing the hot drink continuously and on a daily basis. Needless to say, a successful process of making espresso using professional espresso machines stems from various factors, the most important of which include the quality of coffee and water used, the temperature, and the heat.

That said, it is important to note that even though a good-quality fully automatic espresso machine cannot always guarantee excellent-tasting espresso. Your baristas or coffee-making staff should also learn how to operate your commercial espresso machine well in order to produce great espresso that is enjoyable to drink. Even the best commercial espresso machines need a knowledgeable person to operate them.

Types of Espresso Machines and How They Work

Typically, there are three types of espresso machines: manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. In a manual espresso machine, it is the user that does majority of the steps in the espresso-making process. This process involves grinding of the coffee beans, tamping of the coffee, and putting the proper amount of water in the correct pressure with the nozzle. For espressos that require milk that is frothed or steamed, the person preparing the espresso additionally needs to learn how to operate the steam nozzle of the espresso machine.

In the case of semi-automatic espresso machines, while the machine does most of the heavy work like creating just the right pressure of water to brew the espresso, the user is still tasked to create the coffee grinding, the tamping, and the finishing. A semi-automatic espresso machine may also features a couple of broilers that will control extraction and strength of steaming. Commercial espresso machines that are semi-automatic may even feature automatic refilling of fresh coffee after every use. Some semi-automatic espresso machines even feature internal milk heaters that produce a pre-set amount of pressurized steam that creates froth.

A fully automatic espresso machine, on the other hand, which is used by many commercial establishments, is actually a completely hands-off model that conveniently produces large batches of espresso on a daily basis. Commercial establishments that utilize commercial automatic espresso machines get more value for money because of the units' fast and convenient push-button operation.

In using an automatic espresso machine, the barista or coffee-making staff proceeds to grind the coffee beans, inserts the portafilter, and then pushes a button. Depending on the commercial espresso machine used, the unit might feature settings for one cup or several, and with varying caffeine strengths and even decaf. Needless to say, a fully automatic espresso machine is the simplest to use among the three types of espresso machines.

Commercial Automatic Espresso Machines Available Here at Rapids

Looking for a commercial automatic espresso machine for your coffee shop, restaurant, or café? Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can get the ideal Cecilware espresso machine. Choose from restaurant espresso machines depending on your budget.

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