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Rapids Basic Home Brew Kegerator Conversion Kit

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Item #: Rapids CK-20L
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Quick Overview

Basic kegerator conversion kit containing beer line, CO2 line, washers, fasteners, shank, and faucet (with handle) to prepare your standard refrigerator to hook up to a beer dispenser system, 3 lbs.

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  • Rapids Basic Home Brew Kegerator Conversion Kit
  • Rapids Basic Home Brew Kegerator Conversion Kit
  • Rapids Basic Home Brew Kegerator Conversion Kit
  • Rapids Basic Home Brew Kegerator Conversion Kit
  • Rapids Basic Home Brew Kegerator Conversion Kit


Rapids Basic Kegerator Conversion Kit

This 9 piece DIY basic kegerator conversion kit is the first step in modifying your home refrigerator into a basic keg fridge. This kit can also be used for hooking up a single tap commercial beer dispenser. With the primary components needed to prepare your standard refrigerator for a beer fridge makeover, this keg refrigerator conversion kit is budget friendly. What a great way to repurpose that old fridge and wow your friends with your ingenuity.

How the Basic Kegerator Conversion Kits Works

With the components in this door mount kegerator conversion kit, you can easily build your very own keg fridge. First, you need a refrigerator large enough to hold the keg size you plan to purchase. You will have to drill a hole in the door or wall for the cylindrical beer shank to stick through. The shank comes with the hardware required to secure it in the door. On the outside of the door, the beer faucet attaches to the shank. The faucet knob or handle will fit on top of the faucet to make it easier to dispense the beer. On the inside of the fridge, a beer line hose attaches to the shank that will go down to the keg. There is a washer that will seal that connection. Also supplied is a hose and worm drive clamps that can be used to connect a beer keg coupler to a CO2 regulator once you have acquired those two components.

Basic Keg Fridge Conversion Kit Components

These items are included in the kit:
  • One (1) 5’ Beer Line Hose
  • Two (2) Washers (1 for each end of Beer Line Hose)
  • One (1) 4’ CO2 Line Hose
  • Two (2) Fasteners (1 for each end of CO2 Line Hose)
  • One (1) 4-1/8” Beer Shank
  • One (1) Beer Faucet
  • One (1) Beer Faucet Tap Handle
  • Installation Instructions

To Complete Your DIY Keg Fridge

The other parts you need to complete your home keg fridge (apart from a refrigerator and a keg of beer) are a tank or cylinder for your CO2 and a regulator for it. This single gauge regulator is a popular and inexpensive option. You will need a keg coupler that will fit on the beer keg you choose to use. It will attach the CO2 supply to the keg and get the beer up the line to your faucet. Rapids does sell a Super Kegerator Conversion Kit and a Deluxe Kegerator Conversion Kit with all of these components. For more information on beer dispenser systems, check out our Beer Guide in our Education Station.

Kegerator Kit Shipping Information

These Basic Kegerator Conversion Kits weigh 3 lbs. and ship from Iowa with installation instructions.

Kegerator Conversion Video

This video features the Deluxe Conversion Kit.

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