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Looking for a dough sheeter or a dough rolling machine for your food-service establishment? Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from commercial dough sheeter machines manufactured by Anets, one of the leading brands in the cooking and food-service industry. Choose from two Anets dough sheeter units depending on what you require for your establishment, and your budget range. We have an Anets dough roller for $3,999.00 and an Anets dough sheeter for $5,529.00.

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What Is a Dough Sheeter?

A dough sheeter is a type of machine that presses dough into thin, uniform sheets. Commonly used in commercial applications—for use as a pastry dough roller in bakeries, for example, or as a pizza dough roller for pizzerias—dough sheeters help food-service establishments save time, money, and labor by automating the relatively time-consuming and painstaking process of hand-rolling pasta or dough. 

A dough roller machine can come in various sizes and models. However, the bigger versions—like a commercial dough roller or a commercial dough sheeter, for instance—are mostly used in large restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias, pastry shops, bake shops, and other food-service establishments.

The most common uses of a dough rolling machine include producing crusts for pizzas and pies, creating flatbreads, and for making cake fondant.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Dough Rolling Machine 

Big bake shops and other food-service establishments that create and bake their own breads, pizzas, pastries, cakes, and other baked goods need to keep a fast and efficient production process. For a fast shaping of dough, business owners opt to invest on a good-quality dough sheeter machine.

But before going out to purchase a dough press machine, it might be helpful to consider a few important factors. An important thing to consider is whether you want to get a countertop or floor dough sheeter. What are the main differences between the two? While both countertop and floor dough sheeters can help speed up any food-service restaurant's operation especially in the dough-processing aspect, it is essential to remember that countertop models of dough rollers have a relatively lower production capacity and are only capable of creating pizza crusts that are around twelve inches wide. However, a good-quality dough sheeter is a good choice for small- to medium-sized food-service establishments that need something faster than a manual dough roller.

Bigger food-service establishments will require the bigger floor-model dough sheeter units. These types of dough rollers feature two or more conveyor belts that work in tandem to pass dough balls through the roller and then, at the end, the flattened crust is picked up. The direction of the conveyor belt of these bigger dough rolling machine units can actually be reversed to accommodate any kitchen setup. There are even catch pans that the end of each conveyor belt in the event that the food-service staff or kitchen staff that operates the commercial dough sheeter cannot keep up with the process.

Pizza Dough Sheeter Machines Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, we have dough sheeters manufactured by Anets. For eighty years, Anets has been a world leader in the food-service and cooking industry with their full line of high-quality fryers, griddles, pasta cookers, and dough sheeters.

Choose from two Anets dough sheeter units depending on what you require for your establishment, and your budget range. We have an Anets dough roller for $3,999.00 and an Anets dough sheeter for $5,529.00.

Looking for the Ideal Commercial Dough Sheeter?

Many of our expert Sales Representatives have years of experience in the food-service and beer industries before coming to join us. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here in our website, at one of our convenient locations, or even in our frequently mailed catalogs, please feel free to contact us, and one of our knowledgeable Rapids Wholesale Sales Representatives will immediately assist you in locating the products that you need.

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