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Teapots, Tea Urns & Iced Tea Brewers

Serve your tea with style and flair with Rapids Wholesale's no-drip and stainless-steel teapots. Serving your tea to customers and patrons in stylish teapots can easily add character and class to the ambiance and atmosphere to your restaurant, café, or any other establishment.
  1. Cecilware 3 Gal Iced Tea Brewer, Automatic


    Seamless stainless steel construction.

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  2. Grindmaster-Cecilware GTD3-C 3 Gallon Iced Tea Dispenser


    Iced Tea Dispenser, 3 gallon capacity, Cratcho® valve, NSF. 22”H x 5-1/10”W x 13-1/2”D.

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What is a Tea Pot?

A teapot is a container that is used to steep tea leaves or any other mix (usually herbal) in hot, boiling, or close-to-boiling water. The tea may either be placed in a tea bag or placed alone by themselves (in this case a strainer may be needed) and added to the teapot in hot water and allowed to settle in the hot liquid so the water can absorb the flavor and aroma of the herbs and leaves. When the hot liquid is finally poured and served into a cup, what comes out is aromatic and flavorful tea.

Most tea pots usually have an opening at the top, which is commonly covered by a lid where the tea and water are added, a handle for holding, and a spout wherein the tea is poured. Some tea pots have a built-in strainer on the inner edge of the spout, to either help hold the leaves as they steep or to catch the leaves inside the tea pot when the tea is poured.

A Brief History of the Teapot

The teapot probably originated many, many years ago in China from the wine pots and ceramic kettles that were made of bronze. In fact, one of the earliest examples of a container that can be considered a teapot is said to be dated way back in 1513.

The early teapots are small by today's standards, and those can even be considered mini teapots when compared to modern teapots. Those early mini teapots have been designed for a single drinker because the Chinese were known, historically, to drink their tea directly from the tea pot's spout. These mini teapots were designed specifically to give importance to serving smaller portions when partaking of the tea, with emphasis on better flavors and concentration of the tea.

In the seventeenth century, porcelain teapots were in vogue both in China and in Europe. Most porcelain teapots of that period were distinctly painted white and blue. Because porcelain teapots were extremely expensive at that time (porcelain could not be made in Europe at that time), tea drinking was often seen in Europe as an upper-class luxury.

However, in colonial America at roughly the same period, silver teapots and stainless-steel teapots were more commonly used. An advantage of using a silver teapot or a steel tea kettle is that it is not only as stylish and as classy as porcelain teapots, but it is also more durable because while porcelain can break when dropped, silver and steel are mostly unbreakable when limited to everyday use.

Steel Tea Kettles and Steel Teapots Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, we offer unique teapots that will add character and class to the ambiance and atmosphere to your restaurant, café, or any other establishment. We have 38-ounce- and 10-ounce-capacity stainless-steel teapots, depending on what you require for your restaurant, café, or tea house's serving needs. These steel tea kettles are also perfect for personal use at home. Our stainless-steel tea kettles feature no-drip spouts and insulated handles, and can be used to serve not only tea but cream, milk, and coffee as well.

We at Rapids Wholesale also offer tea brewers, coffee brewers, and espresso brewers for those looking to brew their own tea and coffee for their restaurant or café. 

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