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Open Front Display Merchandisers

Open display cases and open air merchandiser coolers are available here at Rapids Wholesale, manufactured by three of the most-trusted brands in commercial refrigeration today: Master-Bilt, Structural Concepts, and True. Refrigerated open display cases are perfect for any food-service or beverage-service establishment like grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, delicatessens, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars.


What Is an Open Display Case?

An open display case is a type of open display merchandiser that is useful in many food-service or beverage-service establishments like grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, delis, and more. With a refrigerated open display case, you can attractively display everything from lunch meat to blocks of cheese with the convenience of no doors to open. An open front cooler can also be used in gasoline stations, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars.

What Are the Advantages of Using an Open Merchandiser Cooler?

An open display fridge holds many advantages over other types of commercial refrigerators. One is that rather than having patrons and food-service crew worry about holding open a door when choosing or placing products inside an open deli case, merchandise or items stocked inside these types of industrial refrigerators can easily be pulled out or stocked inside the unit.

Also, these types of commercial coolers often differ in their refrigeration process. Open merchandiser coolers instead force a stream of air, or air curtain, across the opening of the refrigerator help keep cold air inside.

In terms of type, you can choose from either a horizontal  or vertical open display cooler depending on what you require for your grocery store, convenience store, supermarket, deli, gasoline station, coffee shop, restaurant, or bar. Choosing whether you want a vertical or horizontal open front refrigerated display case depends on the space of your establishment. For instance, if you have lots of horizontal space and several refrigerated food products to display, a horizontal open display refrigerator would be perfect. An open merchandiser, on the other hand, would be great if the opposite is true: that is, if you have a narrow opening but want to have refrigerated items easily accessible.

Whichever type you open merchandiser cooler you select, you might also want to think about how many shelves you want for your open case refrigeration unit. Shelving is actually important because the number of shelves dictates how many items you can display in the available space you have in your open deli case. Some shelves can actually be tilted slightly to help increase the visibility of the merchandise.

Open Display Coolers, Sushi & Beverage Merchandisers

We at Rapids Wholesale have a large selection of open cooler display units available for your establishment, manufactured by some of the most reputable brands in commercial refrigeration today: Master-Bilt, Structural Concepts, and True.

True Manufacturing is one of the world leaders in refrigeration products and aims to provide a wide-range of American-made refrigeration products worldwide, which exceed quality and performance standards. It is widely considered as the top manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment and has been a favored supplier for decades. Select and purchase quality open front refrigerated display cases depending on what you require.

Master-Bilt has been providing excellent refrigeration solutions for over 70 years now. They provide a complete line of refrigeration including ice cream freezers, walk-ins, glass door freezer merchandisers, deli display cases, open-air merchandisers, foodservice reach-ins, prep tables, refrigerated warehouses, refrigeration systems, and more. Today, Master-Bilt has grown to become a manufacturer of one of the most diverse ranges of refrigeration equipment available.

Structural Concepts offers a variety of refrigeration equipment for the food-service, beverage service, and supermarket industry. Their open cooler displays are one of the leading products in the market today.

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