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60' Run Glycol Beer Chiller System | 1/3 HP, 3 Gallon Tank

SKU: 3K185
Item #: Rapids EC0-33/5 YR WTY

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Quick Overview

60' Run Long Draw Draft Beer Glycol Chiller | 3 Gallon, 1/3 HP

This glycol chiller is small but efficient with its 3-gallon tank capacity, 60 ft cooling capacity, and 1/3 HP. Perfect for smaller establishments where space is valuable!

Dimensions: 15-1/2" H x 20" W x 20" D.
Weight: 65 lbs.

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60' Run Glycol chiller system for long draw beer line cooling

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  • 60' Run Glycol beer line chiller side view with compressor
  • 60' Run Glycol beer chiller refrigeration
  • 60' Run Glycol power pack reservoir side
  • 60' Run Glycol cooler's evaporator side
  • 60' Run Glycol chiller top view
  • 60' Run Glycol chiller system compressor
  • 60' Run Glycol beer line chiller evaporator
  • 60' Run Glycol beer chiller circulation pump
  • 60' Run Glycol power pack circulation pump
  • 60' Run Glycol coolers evaporator side view
  • 60' Run Glycol chiller thermostat controller
  • 60' Run Glycol chiller system copper cooling coil
  • 60' Run Glycol beer line chiller glycol resevoir
  • 60' Run Glycol beer chiller spec sheet


60 Foot Glycol Power Pack Beer Chiller | 28 Gallon Tank Capacity, 1/3 HP

This glycol refrigeration system for chilling draft beer or wine, although a relatively small glycol chiller, is one of the most reliable glycol cooling systems available in the market today. Its steel construction and small footprint also make this EC0-33 glycol draft system one of the most ideal glycol cooling systems for any installation. With a 60 foot run (max distance from cooler to beverage dispenser), this is a great glycol unit for small breweries, restaurants and bars.

For your peace of mind, this long draw glycol draft system also has a one year parts/labor warranty included.

Aside from glycol cooling systems manufactured by BVL Controls, you can also choose from units made by trusted brand UBC. Choose from a relatively small glycol chiller of two pounds or a fifteen-gallon glycol draft system

EC0-33 Glycol Beer Line Chiller System Details and Features

  • A relatively small glycol chiller that can deliver chilled beer for up to 60 feet from the cold room until the beer tap or tower (Remember to consider that trunkline with 10 products or more have 2 outgoing and 2 return glycol lines thus doubling the length of line to figure into your setup.)
  • Voltage AC: 120
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • BTU: 2300
  • Plug (NEMA): 5-15P
  • Amp: 5.82
  • Charge: 12 oz.
  • Tank capacity of this glycol draft system: 3 gallons
  • Foam insulation: one inch
  • Approximate pressure: 18 (low), 150 (high)

Cooling Solution for a 60' Beer Glycol Chiller System, 1/3 HP

Glycol chillers are an investment - make sure you are treating yours like one by using the proper amount of coolant and water in your glycol solution. The coolant solution mix is for this unit is usually 25% glycol / 75% water. See operational instructions or call for more details. Most manufacturers recommend you change your solution at least once a year.

Learn the Basics of Glycol Chillers and Power Packs

Additional Information

Brand Rapids
SKU 3K185
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Customer Reviews

Great for Jacketed Fermentors

Utilizing as a chiller for Brewers Hardware 20 gallon jacketed conical fermentor. Works flawlessly.

Reviewed by Brewer on 2/12/2018

good for small fermenters

I'm using this to chill a 76L conical fermentation vessel used for home brewing. It does a very nice job holding fermentation temp and crash cooling in my garage. It is only used when I have beer in the fermenter so it does not have to run continuously. It seems to be well made and is simple to use which is a good thing since there was no manual included. I let it run normally recirculating the chilled glycol solution through a short loop. There is a T running from that loop to a thermostatically controlled valve. That valve opens when the fermentation temp gets too high allowing glycol/water solution to circulate through the jacket and closes again once temp is reached.

Reviewed by limulus on 8/18/2015

Good so far

Our company bought this unit for an industrial chilling application (not beer). The unit works pretty much as expected -- it's reasonably quiet and cools down from room temp in about 20 minutes. Unlike the unit shown in the picture, the unit we received has a (better) electronic control. From the factory, the control can only be set to a very narrow range of temperatures, but this can be changed using the instructions provided on the manufacturer's web site. Can't comment on longevity yet but it appears to be reasonably well-made.

Reviewed by Mark @ WikiFoods, Inc. on 7/24/2015

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