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125' Run Glycol Beer Chiller System 3/8 HP 7 Gallon by UBC

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SKU: 3B111
Item #: Rapids H75G-3/8P
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125' Run Beer Glycol Chiller System 3/8 HP 7 Gallon by UBC

This powerful UBC glycol chiller will cool a 125 foot line run, has a large 7 gallon tank capacity and powerful 3/8 HP compressor. This UBC glycol power pack effectively chills the beer. Dimension:15"W x 18"D x 28"H, 2,600 BTU, 96 lbs.

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125' Run Glycol Beer Chiller System 3/8 HP 7 Gallon by UBC

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125 Foot Glycol Power Pack Beer Chiller 3/8 HP 7 Gallon Tank Capacity

This glycol beer chiller is manufactured by UBC, the word's largest brand of glycol beer chiller systems. This particular model of UBC glycol chiller with it's 3/8 HP compressor and 7 gallon tank capacity will cool lines up to 125 feet long. Longer beer lines are simply the way to go for a bar, tavern, or pub rather than a forced-air system that requires a much shorter distance from the keg to the beer tap. Glycol cooling systems are typically designed for a beer tap set-up that has a distance of 25 or more feet from the keg allowing for more space and efficiency behind the bar. The glycol product itself is a product designed to cool, but never freeze, which allows it to keep the beer at a chilled temperature even while in the beer line for the customer’s satisfaction.

Features Of This UBC 125 Foot Run Glycol Chiller with 3/8 HP Compressor and 7 Gallon Tank

  • This power pack can cool beer lines up to 125' long
  • BTU per hour evap 20f: 2690 BTU
  • Glycol tank capacity: 7 gallons (Mix 70% water, 40% glycol)
  • Dedicated circuit: 15 amp
  • Compressor power: 3/8 HP
  • Pump type: Procon-100gal/hr
  • Refrigerant: R134a, Digital thermostat, HFC free insulation
  • 15" width, 18" depth, 28" height
  • Manufactured by the largest manufacturer of chillers in the world and is approved for all major breweries.
  • Low weight and compact design saves space and is easy to move.
  • The interior enclosure comes at no extra cost to you and a mounting plate for a second glycol cooling pump comes included.
  • The coolant solution mix is for this unit is usually 30% glycol / 70% water. See operational instructions or call for more details.

Warranty & Shipping Information for The UBC H75G-3/8P Model Beer LIne Chiller

  • One year parts and labor
  • Five Year Compressor
  • Ships from Iowa

What exactly is a Glycol Beer Cooling System?

Glycol systems pump a glycol solution in hoses next to beer lines in order to keep the beer at a regulated low temperature. All of the product lines are intertwined in an insulated rubber tube that prevents moisture build-up and allows the temperature to remain unchanged. Also, by putting the chilled glycol lines and beer hoses in the same rubber tube, space is saved and accidents are prevented from multiple product lines streaming across the floor of your bar. The customers will be happy with their ice cold beer and you will be happy with the added efficiency.

Learn the Basics of Glycol Chillers and Power Packs

Additional Information

Brand Rapids
MPN H75G-3/8P
SKU 3B111
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