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Draft Beer Faucet Cap Beer Tap Cover

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A beer faucet spout plug to protect and keep your taps clean when not in use. This draft tap nipple cover prevents fruit flies from entering the spout, and prevents buildup of bacteria, mold or other residue. A must-have beer accessory for any bar!

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  • Draft Beer Faucet Cap Beer Tap Cover
  • Draft Beer Faucet Cap Beer Tap Cover
  • Draft Beer Faucet Cap Beer Tap Cover
  • Draft Beer Faucet Cap Beer Tap Cover
  • Draft Beer Faucet Cap Beer Tap Cover
  • Draft Beer Faucet Cap Beer Tap Cover


This rubber beer faucet cover keeps unwanted contaminates, pests, and airborne bacteria out of your beer faucets, so your restaurant or bar can remain cleanly, meet health codes, and only serve the freshest tasting beer to your customers. Faucets and knobs sold separately. Also referred to as a keg tap nipple, or a draft faucet cap, this handy rubber cap fits right over the opening of any domestic or European beer faucet to keep the faucet covered when not in use. If you are not covering up your beer taps at night, you should be.

Beer Tap Covers to Control Mold & Bacteria Growth

The main benefit of this faucet cover is that it helps control yeast, mold and bacteria build-up inside your draft or keg taps. If you live in a humid or hot climate, your taps are especially susceptible to mold growth because of the way heat effects beer residue leftover in your faucet. Outdoor kegerators or built-in outdoor draft dispensing systems are even more prone to airborne bacteria and other particles because they are exposed to wind, rain and dust. Plus, outdoor taps face extreme heat and sun exposure, which speeds up mold growth. This tap cap is a great way to slow down or prevent the growth of mold in your faucets. You will also prevent mold from growing into the valve and beer lines - a problem which can compromise your entire beer dispensing system and be very costly to fix.

Beer Faucet Caps Keep Out Annoying Fruit Flies

This keg tap cover made of heavy duty rubber also keeps pesky fruit flies and other bugs from flying up inside your faucet. Fruit flies are a problem at many bars, particularly in the summer months. Flies are attracted to the sugary residue inside your taps, and will hover around them, sometimes making their way up inside your faucet. This is a major sanitation concern, so tap covers are a great way to keep your restaurant or bar up to health codes. Not to mention that customers don't want to see pests swarming around your taps!

Draft Faucet Covers Keep your Bar Clean

Another problem many bars face is sticky taps. If you don't dispense beer out of a tap for a couple days and the residue inside the tap is exposed to the open air, it will dry up and cause your faucet to stick or even freeze up completely - making the tap hard to pull and difficult to dispense the next time you go to serve a beer. Using these sanitary caps when your tap is not in use will prevent any drying or hardening of the inner workings of your draft dispensing system.

Using beer faucet covers also means less mess for your bartenders or wait staff to clean up. Beer that would normally drip into a drip pan at night instead gets caught by the cap, so your drip trays don't need to be cleaned as often. It is important to note that these rubber beer tap caps do need to be cleaned frequently so that beer which drips into the cap does not sit for too long and become stale or moldy. One suggestion is to rinse them in hot water every morning right away when you remove them. Then every time you do your regular line cleaning, soak the caps in beer cleaning solution for complete sanitation.

  • Fits perfectly and slides on easily over the tip of both domestic and European faucets.
  • Made from food safe, durable rubber which conforms to the shape of your tap for a snug fit
  • Controls yeast and bacteria problems
  • As a bonus, these tap covers can also be used at your bar during business hours to signify to your customers that a particular draft is not available or that a keg is empty.

CALIFORNIA PROP 65 WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For further information, visit their website.

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love them

they are much nicer that the others i have prurchased

Reviewed by sue on 11/11/2016

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