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Hobart HS9N Commercial Automatic Electric Food Slicer

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SKU: 9H286
Item #: Hobart HS9N-1
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Quick Overview

A commercial slicer with four carriage speeds, three stroke lengths, a gauge plate that allows for thickness of up to one inch, and a capacity of 12" wide.

30-5/8”W x 24-5/8”D x 27-1/4”H, 142 lbs


Hobart HS9N Commercial Automatic Electric Food Slicer

This Hobart automatic food slicer has a four speed carriage with front mounted controls, a top mounted Borazon stone sharpener, ½ H.P. motor that drives the 13” CleanCut™ knife, machined grooves on the gauge plate for a smoother slicing motion, a double action indexing cam, and many more features.

The Workings of This Hobart Automatic Food Slicer

The ½ H.P. motor for the knife runs at 430 rpm and is driven by a Hobart poly v belt. The timing belt automatic drive system allows for four carriage speeds, 28, 38, 48, or 58 strokes per minute, and three stroke lengths. The electroless nickel plated slide rod is continually lubricated by the reservoir wick in the transport.

The Interlocks of This Hobart Commercial Meat Slicer

There are six interlocks on this commercial slicer. The first is the automatic shutoff, which will shut the knife off after 30 seconds of no activity. The second is the no volt release, which means that this commercial slicer must be restarted if the power fails. The third and fourth are the carriage system interlock and the gauge plate interlock. The carriage interlock is in place so that the carriage can not tilt or be removed if the gauge plate is not closed. The gauge plate interlock makes sure that the gauge plate cannot be opened when the carriage is missing. The fifth interlock is the close to stop feature. Just simply close the gauge plate and the commercial slicer will turn off. The sixth interlock is the home start position, which means that the carriage must be in the home position before you can use the commercial slicer.

Features of the Hobart Commercial Meat Slicer

  • A specially shaped handle for ease of use.
  • A removable, rear mounted meat grip arm which swings out of the way when not in use.
  • A push button switch that is moisture protected.
  • A gauge plate that allows for slicing up to 1” thick.
  • A manual lift lever that will hold the slicer in the tilted position for easy cleaning underneath.
  • A solid construction index knob that ensures consistent slice thickness across the machine.
  • A one piece base made of sanitary anodized aluminum, which limits the number of holes or crevices where bacteria can grow.
  • A removable ring guard cover, which will allow for easier flossing of this commercial slicer.
  • A manual lift lever that will hold the slicer in the tilted position for easy cleaning underneath.

Warranty and Freight for the Hobart Commercial Slicer

Service is covered, along with parts, including the knife for a term of one year. The Borazon stones have a lifetime guarantee. Ships from IA, OH.

Additional Information

Blade Size 12"+
Brand Hobart
SKU 9H286

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