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Frymaster Filter Magic Fryer Oil Filter Powder (Box of 80 Packets)

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SKU: 5F138
Item #: Frymaster Dean 803-0002
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Quick Overview

Filter Magic powder is used with deep fryer oil filter machines to extend the life of your shortening or cooking oil, so you can replace your oil less often and serve great tasting fried food.


Regularly filtering your fryer oil is important for any restaurant, bar, commercial kitchen or fast food establishment serving fried food. Filter Magic powder from Frymaster Dean improves the filtering abilities of fryer oil filtering machines by helping to remove harmful sediments, acids, carbon and other deposits that get left behind in your oil filter. This powder extends the life of your cooking oil or shortening which means you don't need to replace your fryer oil as often, saving your restaurant money. This powder is used in addition to deep fryer filter paper, because it removes the finer particles and absorbs the acidic solutions and carbon deposits which filter paper does not do.

The taste of your fried food is only as good as the quality of the oil you cook it in. Keeping your deep fryer oil as clean as possible helps you serve the best tasting french fries, onion rings, appetizers and other friend food. Box of 80 application packets. Each packet contains 1 ounce of filter powder good for one application.

Instructions & Tips for Using Deep Fryer Filters & Filter Powder

  • Using a stationary or portable fryer oil filtration system can measurably extend the useful life of shortening and cooking oil by filtering out carbon deposits and food particles.
  • Frymaster recommends filtering all shortening and cooking oil at least 2 times a day if your fryer is used constantly with heavily breaded products.
  • To extend the useful life of shortening and cooking oil, use a new sheet of filter paper for each filtering cycle.
  • As a general rule, filter shortening and oil after cooking 1.5 lbs of product per pound of shortening. If a fryer holds 50 lbs of shortening, filter after cooking 75 lbs of product.
  • When filtering more than 1 fryer, add Filter Magic Powder as each fryer is filtered. The powder can be added into the fryer or the filter pan.
  • For maximum filtration, add one packet of powder and stir after filling the filter pan.
  • After filling the filter pan with hot shortening or oil, and the Filter Magic Powder, insert the hose nozzle into the filter pan and recycle for 2 to 3 minutes
  • If solid shortening has been filtered through the filter, the pump and plumbing heater must be turned on 20 to 30 minutes before filtering

Additional Information

Brand Frymaster Dean
MPN 803-0002
SKU 5F138
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