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Faucet Lock for Draft Beer Taps

SKU: 3K138
Item #: Rapids BA001
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Quick Overview

Faucet Lock Slide on Security for Draft Beer or Wine Faucets

The easiet to use and the most secure. Watch our video below for installation directions. Black Faucet Lock for Beer Keg Tap & Draft Beer Faucets. Strongest lock known to man! Faucet must be purchased separately. Safe Online shopping at Rapids Wholesale Supplying bars and restaurants since 1936!

Faucet and tap handle sold separately

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  • Step 1) Line up the lock on the faucet spout
  • Step 2) Push up until the you reach the tap handle
  • Step 3) Use key to screw shaft into faucet handle
  • Step 4) Remove key
  • Faucet Lock for Draft Beer Taps
  • Faucet Lock for Draft Beer Taps
  • Faucet Lock for Draft Beer Taps
  • Faucet Lock for Draft Beer Taps
  • Faucet Lock for Draft Beer Taps
  • Faucet Lock for Draft Beer Taps


Draft Beer Faucet Lock Secure Slide On 

It is crucial for bar owners to protect their most important inventory from theft, waste, or accidental loss. Not only is beer expensive, but as an establishment which makes money selling beer, losing the contents of your kegs can be detrimental to your bottom line. A beer tap lock placed on your faucet at night is a sure way to prevent this from happening.

Why You Need a Faucet Lock to Keep your Beer Safe

At a restaurant or bar, you may have dozens of employees with keys to your establishment. And even though you trust them, you will sleep better at night knowing that when you're gone, no one can sneak into your bar and drink for free from your taps. Bars with a permanent outdoor kegerator or tap system are at an even higher risk. This lock is the strongest beer faucet lock known to man, and it will surely protect your taps from wandering hands and unfortunate theft.

If you are a home brewer, or beer connoisseur with your own kegerator or beer dispensing system, you man be even more prone to unwanted hands touching your taps. You'll rest easier knowing that your kids or neighbors can't steal a glass of cold frothy beer without your approval. Another risk with home beer taps is accidental loss. Small children are very curious and like to touch anything they can get their hands on. If your tap is left unlocked, a child could accidentally pull the handle and cause beer to accidentally be dispensed. Not only does this waste precious beer, it could cause a major sticky mess in your home!

How to Install this Beer Keg Tap Lock

This tap lock security system is easy to install on any home or commercial beer faucet. Position the faucet lock as shown in the picture, and you will see a circular hole in the bottom. Simple match this up with with the spout of your faucet, and the upper notch will grab the base of the handle, fitting itself into place. Turn the key (included with purchase) to tighten this notch until it is snug against the handle. And just like that, your faucet is locked! Be careful not to over-tighten it, however, or you can cause damage to your faucet. Hide your key in a safe place, and once you are ready to remove the lock, simply insert the key and turn it the other way to loosen the grip around the tap handle enough for you to remove it.

Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Dispensing Application

This faucet lock is also a great way to protect your cold brew coffee tap dispensing system. Once your cold brew dispensing hours are over, just put this lock on and you won't have to worry about people stealing your product!

Faucet Lock Installation Video

Watch this video for more details on how to install this draft beer faucet lock

Additional Information

Brand Rapids
SKU 3K138
Color No

Customer Reviews

Just be sure

That it's for your specific tap. I have a perlic 630 and this doesn't fit it. It's nice quality and does fit other taps I have just fine.

Reviewed by cjdock on 3/18/17

beware of over tightening

Easy to use but we over tightened and broke the key off in the lock! Be careful!

Reviewed by JBreed on 5/31/16

A Serious Lock for a Serious task

There is nothing flimsy about this lock it is solid and does the job! Fairly easy to use, but it is possible to over tighten, and jam the faucet, take a little care.

Reviewed by CCA Barman on 12/30/14

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