What You Need to Know Before Buying A Commercial Pizza Delivery Bag

Having a reliable pizza delivery bag is an important (and often overlooked) component of running a pizzeria. It doesn't matter how delicious your pizza is - if it arrives at the delivery location cold and shriveled, the customer won't be happy.

To make choosing the right pizza bag for your establishment a little easier, Rapids (with a little help from Cambro) has put together a list of the most fundamental features of a good pizza bag.

Heat Retention & Moisture Control

As you've probably guessed, heat retention is the most important aspect of a pizza bag. Your customers want (and expect) a piping hot pizza every time. Moisture control, however, is a close second. Delivering a hot but soggy pizza can immediately put a damper on the customer's enthusiasm for your establishment. Bags made of nylon usually fit the bill for both heat retention and moisture control, as they are breathable enough to prevent unwanted odors and moisture, while still keeping your pizza at the optimal temperature.

Secure Closure

A bag that doesn't secure properly can lead to heat loss at best and a dropped (and ruined!) order of pizzas at worst. While there are a lot of different closure options available (such as a zipper, which frequently break from overuse), a hook-and-loop fastener is one of the best. It ensures a tight close every time, and is easy to open when the delivery is made.


When you send your pizza out for delivery, you want every aspect of that process to reflect well upon your business. Having a messy, stained pizza bag will definitely make an impression, but probably not the one you were hoping for. To keep your pizza bag looking as fresh as your ingredients, choose a bag with machine-washable fabric such as nylon. Nylon is usually stain-resistant - and as a bonus, it is also water-repellent, which will provide additional protection for your pizzas if you are delivering in a thunderstorm

Receipt/Ticket Pouch

Speaking of protection from thunderstorms, having a plastic ticket pouch is a great way to keep your receipts dry (and organized!). It will make things easier on your delivery guy, and having the tickets displayed on the bags will help to ensure that your customers are getting the right meal.


Though the amount of pizza bags you will need depends heavily on your size and the number of deliveries you do, it is always a good idea to buy multiple sizes. This allows you to quickly accommodate both large and small orders.


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