The Very Best Mac and Cheese Recipes

July 7 is National Macaroni day. That said, we could not confirm the source of who actually started National Macaroni day, but considering Americans love of Macaroni and Cheese, we are not going to belabor this point.

You should know, the word "macaroni" does not actually mean a curved or elbow shape pasta tube. In fact, “macaroni” refers to a variety of pasta, not the shape. Macaroni is a dry pasta made with durum wheat and made without egg. Macaroni in the U.S. is usually the elbow variety, however, Macaroni in Italy is usually a straight tubular square-ended pasta.

Rapids Wholesale scoured the internet for the most interesting Mac & Cheese Recipes. We tried them all and could not decide on a favorite. We are just going to point you to some very talented cooks and let you decide.

Au Gratin Ramekin 12 ounce Individual Casserole Dish from Rapids WholesaleFrom the Food Blog, "What We’re Eating" comes this rather sinful version of Mac and Cheese. So sinful in fact they named it “Orgasmic Mac n Cheese” This is rich, and yet you can’t stop eating it! So very decadent, so very good!

Orgasmic Mac N Cheese Recipe Click Here

From the Food Blog, "What's Gabby Cooking?" Comes a Sausage & Leek Mac & Cheese. What we loved about this Mac & Cheese recipe is it is not made with the traditional bechamel sauce. While it may have sausage as an ingredient, this Macaroni and Cheese still ends up being a lighter dish than most Mac & Cheese without skimping on flavor!

Sausage & Leek Macaroni and Cheese Recipe Click Here

From the food Blog “Back To Her Roots”, Cassie in Indiana brings the flavor home with a Bacon and Sriracha Mac & Cheese. Perfect Right? Smokey Bacon combined with Spicy Sriracha! That just makes sense. Cassie almost lost us when we read the cream ingredient was Coconut Milk, but we beg you to do what we did and give this recipe a try. Really awesome Mac & Cheese!

Bacon and Sriracha Mac and Cheese Recipe Click Here

We could not leave out Crabby Mac. Well we could have left it out, but the author grew up in Maryland, and Crabby Mac is traditional Marylander food; almost as well known as Maryland Crab Cakes! It is important to note, if the recipe does not call for old Bay Seasoning, Manchego cheese, and crabs fresh from the Chesapeake bay, it is not Crabby Mac!

10 ounce individual casserole ramekin dish from Rapids WholesaleMaryland Crabby Mac Recipe Click Here

I am going to stop at this high note. Sure, I left out some awesome Mac & Cheese recipes. I tell you what, for National Macaroni Day 2017, please submit your Mac & Cheese recipes and we will print those instead of poaching from the genius cooks out there publishing blogs

P.S. To make your Mac & Cheese a bit special, instead of baking it in a 9x13 casserole, dish, use individual ramekin dishes. That way each and every person will get the yummy crisp topping in perfect proportion to the creamy treat below! If your Mac & Cheese is going to be the main event, a 12 oz Au Gratin ramekin would be perfect. If your Mac & Cheese is being served as a side dish, then the 10 ounce Individual casserole ramekin dish is the perfect size!

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