The Difference Between A Jockey Box With A Cold Plate And A Jockey Box With A Coil

For maximized quality and taste, it is imperative to serve your beer cold. This can be a challenge when you are trying to serve your beer at a party, festival, or catered event away from your place of business, especially during the warmer months. Not only that, but the issue can extend to wine and cold brew coffee as well.

The solution for serving beer or other beverages cold, no matter where the event, is a party cooler (jockey box) that is equipped with either a cold plate or a coil. Both a cold plate jockey box and a coil jockey box are designed specifically to keep beverages cool all the way to the faucet. And, if you have more than one flavor or brand to serve, jockey boxes with up to four dispensers are available.

While both of these jockey boxes can provide you with a way to serve a crisp, chilled beer, the different cooling systems mean that sometimes one style will be more beneficial.

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With a cold plate jockey box, the beverage is dispensed through a flat aluminum cold plate that is located at the bottom of the cooler and covered with ice. The ice keeps the rectangular plate cold, which allows the beverage to be cooled as it quickly travels through the cold plate's interior. Generally, this interior is comprised of around 18 feet of stainless steel switchback tubing.

With a coil cooler, the beverage is run through a stainless steel coil tube that is covered with ice and water. The ice water causes the tube to become cold, which in turn causes the beverage, be it beer, wine or cold brew coffee, to cool as it makes its way to the faucet. The coils in a coil jockey box come in different lengths, ranging from 50’ to 120’.

Cold plate coolers are adequate as long as the internal temperature of your beer, wine, or coffee keg can be kept colder than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Keg jackets, or keg tubs, can help you accomplish this task. However, if keeping the temperature of your beverage below 55 degrees is not possible, it is best to choose a coil cooler. The warmer the keg temperature, the longer the coils you would want to choose. For instance, even if your keg is at room temperature, with 120 feet of coil, you could still dispense your beverage at 36-38 degrees Fahrenheit.

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