Showcasing Your Food: Air Curtain vs. Glass Door Merchandisers

Bringing the customers’ attention to your food and beverage options is the first step in getting a sale. For front-of-the-house food advertising, one of the most popular ways to attract this attention is to use a merchandiser. These units combine color and lighting in a way that is pleasing to the eye and directs the gaze to the delicious food within. They can also be customized to with bright signs and panels or to match your current décor.

Due to the nature of the customer interactions with food in the merchandiser, they are usually not the proper medium with which to display unpackaged foods. They are the perfect way to advertise all kinds of packaged food and drink, however.

When it comes to choosing the merchandiser that will work best for your establishment, there are many options available. In this article, we will just be focusing on two of them: the air curtain merchandiser and the glass door merchandiser.

The Easy Access of an Air Curtain Merchandiser

Air curtain merchandisers are unique in that they use a screen, or curtain, of air to maintain the temperature of their products.

The flow of the air moves over the food, keeping the cold air in and the warm air out without the need for actual doors. While some might think this method is sub-par and results in food losing its temperature faster, it is actually quite effective and can be done without a lot of extra energy costs.

Depending on your space limitations and advertising needs, you can either have a horizontal or vertical air curtain merchandiser installed.
These display cases are favored by customers because of the easy access they offer. They don’t have to deal with the hassles that sometimes come with a swinging or sliding door (especially in a narrow or crowded isle!), and being able to just reach in and grab these products can increase impulse sales.

Glass Door Refrigerated Merchandisers Provide Security

…or at least the impression of it. Some customers feel more secure in the knowledge that the product they're buying has been protected by solid glass doors, instead of an invisible air curtain.

Another benefit of the glass door merchandiser is that many models can lower, not just maintain, the temperature of the product within. While both types of merchandisers are able to keep products at a cool temperature, the design of an air curtain only allows it to maintain the temperature. In other words, the food and drink has to be cold before you put it in.

A glass door merchandiser, on the other hand, has the same abilities as a solid door refrigerator when it comes to bringing an item to the optimal temperature.
You can also be more flexible with where you place this unit. Fans and vents can disrupt the airflow in an air curtain merchandiser, which is not a concern with glass. This extra flexibility may allow you to ave this unit in traffic-heavy areas that may otherwise have been off-limits.

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