Save Money with the Correct Everpure Replacement Filter

Purchasing the correct replacement filter cartridge can make a significant difference to your budget.

Not only can you save money on pricing (which varies depending on the filter system you are using and what cartridge is needed), but having the proper filter ensures that your system will operate more effectively for longer periods of time.

It also saves you time and effort, both of which are crucial components when it comes to successfully running a business. Not to mention, when the correct filter is installed, you are providing your customers with the best-tasting water possible.

Ways the incorrect cartridge can negatively impact your system

  • Having the wrong flow rate can restrict the water flow and prevent the system from running as smoothly as it should. For example, if you were using an EV9612-32 (for ice machine applications) with a KleenSteam II instead of an EV9618-11 (for steam cooking applications), the flow is restricted by almost 35%.
  • Filters have a different micron rating depending on the application. This refers to the size of particles that the filter removes. While having a micron rating that is higher than what is recommended may sound like a good thing, this can decrease the filter’s lifespan. And of course, the filter will be less effective if you use a micron rating that is too low, which directly impacts the taste of your water or coffee.

Explore the different replacement filters that are available on Rapids Wholesale today and find the one that is best suited for your system.


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