Revitalize Your Restaurant with ITI China | Benefits of Replacing Your Dinnerware

Why china, you ask? It looks and feels more impressive than melamine dinnerware, bringing both elegance and durability to the table. And you don't have to worry about affordability - when you chose International Tableware Inc. (ITI) china, you will be getting competitive prices as well as a quality product.

China Dinnerware - Durability without Sacrificing Style

While residential china tends to be known for being delicate and easily breakable, commercial china is just the opposite. It’s designed to withstand the heavy-use demands of a restaurant environment while still having much of the same aesthetic appeal as residential china.

ITI china has been designed with both of these aspects in mind - all of their dinnerware is fully vitrified, meaning that it’s more resistant to breakage and chipping, and they are constantly creating new, appealing designs your customers will love.

When you are deciding what china is right for you, keep in mind that not all china has the same durability. There are several different kinds of china, including porcelain and stoneware, and each are made from different materials that affect their use.

Porcelain is made from kaolin clay, and is heated at higher temperatures than stoneware. This means that the porcelain can be exposed to hotter environments than other dinnerware, and the non-porous material helps to limit the risk of bacterial growth. It is slightly more brittle than other types, and can chip more easily.

Stoneware, on the other hand, is made from a clay that's a bit more permeable, but can still handle hotter items without transferring as much heat themselves. It is more chip-resistant, which is a benefit if you tend to have rowdy customers or a careless waitstaff.

Adding Value to Your Tableware with Convenience

Finding the right dinnerware for your restaurant is about more than how it will effect your customers. You need plates and bowls that will work well with your workflow.

Both the ITI porcelain and the ITI stoneware are microwave- and oven-safe (up to 350°F). They are marked safe for commercial dishwasher use as well.

You will also get peace of mind with the 3-year warranty provided against edge chipping (through normal use).

ITI china comes in several colors and styles, each of which will create a slightly different experience for your customers. Explore the different options available to you today!

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