Restaurant Refrigeration Summer Maintenance Routines

Your Summer Restaurant Refrigeration Maintenance Routine Should Include a Number of Steps

Summer is tough on restaurant refrigeration equipment. As heat and humidity rises, ice machines, refrigerators, beverage dispensers, and even walk-in coolers and freezers all must work harder. Emergency repairs can be costly, not to mention the potential loss of perishables.

A little preventative maintenance can minimize or prevent these costly breakdowns during the hottest of summer days.

Your Summer Restaurant Refrigeration Maintenance Routine Should Include a Number of Steps:

  1. Interior and exterior cleaning of refrigerators, walk-ins, and beverage dispensers: Spills and debris within your refrigerated units or walk-ins cause the units to work harder.
  2. Clean evaporator coils and fan blades: Condenser coils must be cleaned to remove all hair and dust buildup. For detailed instructions on restaurant refrigeration condenser cleaning, click here.
  3. Inspect door seals for wear: Doors cannot close properly if seals are worn. This will allow cold air to escape, making it more difficult for your machine to maintain temperature. Replace seals at first sign of wear.
  4. Check condenser units for proper airflow: Make certain your units are the proper distance from the wall and that the area around the condensing unit is clear to ensure proper airflow.
  5. Clean and sanitize ice machines: Remove scale buildups and contaminant deposits, as well as sanitize your ice machine. Try to place it in one of the cooler parts of your restaurant. For detailed instructions on cleaning and sanitizing an ice machine, click here.
  6. Replace inline water filters and ice machine filters and cartridges: Keep your ice machines working well and protect your valuable investments by replacing inline water filters and machine filter cartridges.

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