Reheating Pizza and Saving Space Made Simple | Electric Deck Ovens

Decrease your pizza production time without sacrificing quality by using a Bakers Pride HearthBake countertop pizza oven to quickly reheat pizza slices in your restaurant, commercial kitchen, or food truck.

The hearth deck ovens have the advantage of a greater production capacity than conveyor ovens, so you and your staff will be able to get the pizza slices out even more quickly, which is especially important during high traffic hours. The reason for the greater production capacity is a combination of fast bake times and a quick recovery period.

Another benefit you may want to consider is the amount of space you can save. These ovens are stackable, meaning you can reheat more slices faster while at the same time limiting the amount of counter space used.

Lastly, hearth deck ovens are simpler than other ovens in terms of design, which means they require less upkeep and maintenance to perform properly.

Commercial Deck Oven Pizza Reheating Tips

For the best reheating results, heat the pizza slices for 30-90 seconds at 425⁰F to 525⁰F.

- Although your reheating times will vary based on your specific pizza, there are some guidelines that will help you find the optimal reheating time faster:

  • A thin crust cheese pizza normally take 30 seconds to reheat at 525⁰F.
  • If it’s a thick crust cheese pizza, reheat it at 425⁰F for 45 seconds.
  • A medium crust with one topping, such as pepperoni, can usually be reheated at 525⁰F for 45 seconds.
  • An extra thick crust with several veggies will normally require a longer back period (90 seconds) at 450⁰F.
- As is clear from the above list, the more toppings the slice has, the longer the reheating time will be.

- To prevent the crust from baking further while reheating, use screens or heat it at a lower temperature for a longer period.


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