Prevent Ice Cube Contamination with a Saf-T-Scoop

In a 2007 study by the Chicago Sun-Times, they found that almost 20% of the restaurants and hotel bars they tested in the Chicago area had high levels of fecal coliform in their ice. They also found that most of the ice bins that produced a positive result were ones that were used by waitstaff or were otherwise exposed.

Help ensure that this potentially hazardous contamination by waitstaff doesn’t occur at your restaurant or bar by purchasing a Saf-T-Scoop and Saf-T-Ice Scoop Caddy from Rapids Wholesale.

A Saf-T-Scoop is designed to prevent the ice from coming into contact with the hands, and can be purchased with a guardian holder that provides a safe place to store the scoop until it is needed again. The guardian holder can be mounted either inside and outside the ice bin, depending on your needs. Choose from either an 8 oz. scoop or a 64 oz. scoop so you can handle all the ice demands of your restaurant.

If you decide that the guardian holder won’t fit your needs, the Saf-T-Ice Scoop Caddy offers a few extra benefits. This caddy has a self-closing hinged lid to add an extra defense against contamination. It is also dishwasher safe, you can clean it regularly without a lot of extra hassle. The caddy can handle scoops up to 64 oz., so you can purchase either the 8 oz. or the 64 oz. scoop without the guardian to use with this device!


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