Portable Draft Beer Dispenser - The Volition VDD24

Volition Portable Kegerator

Portable draft beer dispenser by Volition sold by Rapids Wholesale The Volition Portable Kegerator is a new and welcome addition in 2016 to the lineup of commercial beer dispensers.

Right off the bat we are going to tell you, we were impressed and feel that Volition has manufactured an affordable, yet high quality and durable portable beer dispenser built to withstand the punishment endured by commercial portable beer dispensers.

If your business is dispensing beer at various events, BBQs, fairs, outdoors and indoor catered events, and you need a beer dispensing system that can handle that level of punishment, look no further. This unit is easy to move, resists scratches and dents and dispenses a perfect, cold glass of beer over and over again. You will be happy with the Volition VDD24 portable kegerator!

Here is what sets this kegerator apart from others in it’s price range.

Volition VDD24 Direct Draw Beer Dispenser Video Review

Features of the VDD24 Portable Draft Beer Dispenser

  1. The Volition portable beer dispenser is completely manufactured out of steel. The top of the unit, is a 2 inch reinforced, stainless steel top.
  2. The Volition portable direct draw kegerator is fitted with 5 inch castors making it easy to move this beer dispenser to wherever you might need it! The front two castors have lock features, so when you get that kegerator where you need it to be, you can lock it in place!
  3. The VDD24 Portable beer dispenser plugs into any regular household 115V outlet. Anywhere you have a power plug you can use this unit! A standard keg fits inside this kegerator, or you can fit up to three ⅙ size kegs. Simple tower adapters would allow you to serve three different beer selections from one portable kegerator!
  4. Stainless Steel steel glass rails fitted on the two sides and back of the top of this kegerator keep wet glasses of beer from sliding off the top.
  5. The Volition VDD24 Draft tower is a 3 inch stainless steel air cooled tower. From the kegerator’s box, a cooling tube runs up the length of the tower to the very top, keep the beer cool in the tower. This feature is important, as it keeps your beer cold at the tap. Cold beer at the tap means better quality taste, along with less foam, so a more efficient pour. An important feature for profitable beer dispensing.
  6. Under your Draft Beer Tower is a flush-mount stainless steel drip tray which is plumbed to a catch bottle inside the box.
  7. The steel exterior sides and front door are an embossed black which hides fingerprints and scuff marks that can happen during the course of a busy day dispensing beer. Additionally the front door is key locked, so you can keep your beer secure.
  8. Volition Refrigeration’s portable beer dispenser is energy efficient with an “Energy Star” rating. Other approvals on this portable beer dispenser include ETL, UL, C-UL and NSF rating from the National Sanitation Foundation!
  9. The solid steel construction of the Volition portable beer kegerator continues inside the refrigerator box. Even the floor and the door breaker strip are made from heavy duty stainless steel.
  10. The inside of the door has thick foamed in place insulation, The door gasket is a magnetic compression gasket seal. The barbed gasket makes for easy replacement in the event the gasket seal wears out.
  11. The interior design is functional and well thought out for mobility. At the very back inside the box is a convenient shelf to place your CO2 cannister on. A great feature is the built-in spring on the back wall above the shelf holds that CO2 canister in place as you move the portable around. A thermometer is inside the unit, so you can monitor the temperature of your portable kegerator. Also important for beverage quality! The thermostat is on the back wall, inside the box and allows you to control the temperature.
  12. For cleaning and maintenance purposes, the compressor just pulls right out of the back of the Volition Beer Dispenser. The unit is also equipped with built-in stoppers on the back to allow the compressor some circulation room and prevent it from being placed too close to a wall.
  13. The Volition VDD24 can fit a standard ½ barrel keg or you can fit up to three ⅙ size kegs! A simple adaptation of the draft beer tower to three taps and you have the perfect solution for serving more than one brand or flavor of beer at your events!.
  14. Volition stands behind the quality of their portable beer dispensers with a 5 year warranty on the compressor and 1 year warranty on parts and labor. Extended warranties are available.
  15. In it’s price class, considering the quality construction standard features, the Volition VDD24 portable draft beer dispenser can’t be beat.


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