Polish your Profits with a Popcorn Popper

As the smothering heat of summer draws to a close and the crisp fall weather begins, people start to crave and anticipate the foods and events they associate with this temperate, colorful time of the year. These activities vary greatly, ranging from hoarsely cheering on your home team at Friday night football games to beautifully decorating (or attempting to) pumpkins at fall festivals.

For most of these activities, some kind of monetary transaction is taking place, and that’s where popcorn comes into play. Whether you are manning a booth at a fall festival or running your school’s concession stand, one of your main goals is to attract customers and encourage them to spend. A easy way to do this is by using freshly popped popcorn – the smell is both enticing and pervasive (so for all intents and purposes it markets itself), and it is fairly simple to make and distribute.

Once you’ve got them at your booth, they will also look at everything else you are selling, so peddling popcorn can help you earn money on other items as well.

Everything you need for concessions popcorn at a fall festival or school event

Popcorn Popper

The Benchmark Silver Screen popcorn poppers have everything you need to get your profits popping, from a precise thermostat that ensures optimal serving temperature to a presentation lamp that makes your popcorn look even more delicious.

It was even designed with stainless steel to make cleaning simpler, which is a definite benefit as it saves you time and energy.

Popcorn Scoop

Having the right scoop can make a tremendous difference when it comes to the smoothness of your popcorn operation.

A plastic standard scoop is perfectly shaped to help prevent excess spillage, and can be used for more than just popcorn – it would work great for candies too! It also allows for a faster clean.

An aluminum perforated scoop takes a little more skill to use, given the open-ended design, but the holes allow for unpopped kernels to be removed from the customer's popcorn.

Popcorn Containers

Two of the most common ways of distributing your popcorn are bags and boxes.

Popcorn bags are a more affordable option and are ideal for high volumes, as you can just grab, fill, and pass to your customer.

Boxes , while a little more expensive, are still an attractive option. They are much sturdier and can stand on their own, making them much more practical if a customer is going to be, say, participating in activities at a festival. They also are more effective at preventing popcorn oil leakage. Keep in mind that the boxes have to be constructed, so you will have to plan ahead.

Fall is almost upon us, so explore your options to see if a popcorn popper is the right option for your fall festival booth or concession stand today!

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