Outdoor Beer Dispensing Made Simple with a Cold Plate Jockey Box

Summer events can be the perfect chance to expand your customer base by showcasing your superior line of beer products. One of the best ways to do that is by using our 48 Qt. Cold Plate Beer Cooler - 2 Tap Jockey Box . This portable beer dispenser chills your beer as it moves it to the faucets, which means that your customers are getting a crisp, refreshing beverage each time you pour.

Produced by American Beverage, the 2 faucet jockey box is specifically created to cool two beer products at once, allowing you to feature not only a new, innovative product, but also supply an old favorite to keep your customers, old and new alike, hooked. It uses a cast-aluminum cold plate, in conjunction with foamed insulation and around 25-30 lbs. of CO2 pressure, to draw your beer from the keg and bring it to the ideal drinking temperature as it travels to the taps. And, not only can you take this cold plate jockey box just about anywhere, it is also practically indestructible and requires less ice than a coil cooler to function properly.

Keep in mind that preparation is key, and ensure your table is the one people come back to time and again by having everything you need on hand for your jockey box to run properly before the big event.

Jockey Box Keg Coupler Beer Line Kit

A jockey box is useless unless you can hook it up to your keg! This jockey box coupler allows you to connect your Sankey-type kegs to the jockey box using food-grade black beer tubing, guaranteeing the correct pour from your system D beer box picnic cooler setup. When you use this to connect your keg to the jockey box, you want your keg to be already cooled to reduce potential foaming.

Kegerator CO2 Tank & Dual Gauge Regulator Kit

Complete the installation of your beer dispensing kit and make sure you have a perfectly balanced pour – this draft beer CO2 kit and dual gauge regulator provide everything you need to have complete control over the pressurization of your jockey box. From the amount of CO2 left in the tank to the amount of pressure being applied, you will have all of the necessary information to provide your customers with a smooth, satisfying glass of beer. Be mindful that the temperature of your beer will affect how much pressure you will need, and that the warmer the beer, the more pressure is needed.

Additional CO2 Beer Line Setup for Picnic Coolers

Get the most out of your commercial draft beer dispensing by optimizing the use of your CO2 supply. This add-on line is dual-layered, resulting in lines that are twice as thick as most beer lines available, as well as commercial quality. Taking advantage of this additional coupler connection will allow you to have more keg couplers attached to a single CO2 tank, which can save you a lot of hassle.

Once you have all of your equipment properly set up, just fill your jockey box with ice and you should be ready to impress!

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