Mochi Water Cakes at Silhouette Bakery Minneapolis St Paul MN

The Grand Opening of Silhouette Bakery in St. Paul MN Puts a Silly Internet Rumor To Rest!

The internet is not always right. Today we want to correct the internet legend that tells us the only way to taste a Mochi Water Cake is to travel to Japan. That is just silly. You can try this delectable at Silhouette Bakery & Bistro in St Paul, MN! Not only do they make them, we believe Silhouette Bakery is the only place on the planet that has figured out how to get beautiful floral designs into the center of these “water” cakes. The water cakes made at Silhouette Bakery are so beautiful, we have no idea how anybody can actually make themselves bite into the delectable, delicate morsels.

Silhouette has been a favorite food vendor at Twin City Fairs and Events for a long time. People line up at the Silhouette food booth to purchase their famous Japanese sweet and savory filled buns. The Japanese Filled Bun menu includes Chinese BBQ Pork, Curry Potato, Green Tea Custard, and of course Chocolate! Owner of Silhouette Bakery, Ericka Trinh has been running her bakery business for a couple of years. Ericka sells her unique Asian goodies to eateries in the Minneapolis area as well as at the street festivals and of course special orders. Her bakery business has outgrown leasing a commercial kitchen.

Fortunately, at least for those people that reside in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area, Silhouette Bakery will soon have their own commercial kitchen with a storefront so residents in the Minneapolis area can enjoy these delicacies anytime! Grand Opening of their storefront is June 26, 2016! The location is 383 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55103

For those of us that live other than the Twin Cities, I am fairly certain that a trip to Minneapolis to taste a water cake is much less expensive than a trip to Japan, and let’s face it, the rest of the food and bar scene in Minneapolis would make it a very pleasant trip indeed!

Congratulations Ericka Trinh & Silhouette Bakery! Rapids Wholesale is excited for your Grand opening!


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