Make Your Life Easier with Commercial Seating Accessories

Purchasing new chairs and barstools can be a big investment. Instead, why not use some seating accessories to improve the quality of service you can provide?

Have Your Barstools Looking Good as New with Round Stool Replacement Covers

Whether a rowdy customer accidentally ripped your barstool’s vinyl or the deterioration simply happened over time, there’s a solution that doesn’t involve you buying a whole new barstool: round stool covers.

These covers are made of easy-to-clean heavy leatherette with sturdy elastic and ½” foam cushion inserts to reinvigorate your padding and refresh the look of your stools. No stapling or gluing is required – all you have to do is slide it over your existing seat, making it the right choice when time is of the essence.

Rapids offers two different sizes: a 14” option (available in both red and black) that will fit a 13 - 13-1/2” seat that is 1-1/2 - 2” in thickness, as well as a 15” option (also available in both red and black) that will fit a 14 - 14-1/2” seat that is 1-1/2 - 2” in thickness.

If you have the time to replacement the whole seat, Rapids also offers that option too - for both button and bucket tops. They come pre-drilled for your convenience.

Stabilize Your Reputation with Wobble Wedges

The bad news – sitting on a wobbly stool or chair can negatively impact how a customer views your bar or restaurant. The good news – this issue can be easily fixed! Just buy a pack of Wobble Wedges from Rapids! These hard little wedges fit easily under all kinds of furniture (so you can fix unsteady tables at the same time), and will make a noticeable difference your customers will love!

Stack Chair Caddie Makes Storing and Rearranging a Breeze

If you work in an event hall or any other facility that frequently changes layout, a stack chair caddie could significantly reduce your workload. It makes moving and transporting commercial stack chairs easy with its tubular steel construction, pneumatic tires, and extra-tall design that allows you to handle up to 15 stacking chairs at one time.

Add Comfort and Convenience to your Commercial Seating Options

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, sat down at a bar height table, and realized you have no place to put your jacket or purse? Ensure your customers never experience this dilemma – Rapids offers a purse hook attachment for 3” columns. These attachments come with 3 hooks and have a resilient black powder coat finish.

Another inconvenience you can eliminate for your customers is the mystery of what to do with their feet when sitting in a barstool. Just add a footring! Several sizes are available:

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