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What is CFSP Certification and Why Does it Matter?

December 1, 2016 No comments

CFSP Food Industry Certification

CFSP (Certified Food Service Professional)

CFSP is a professional certification specific to the foodservice industry. This certification was created in 1987, and is a vital credential for foodservice professionals. The training ensures that these individuals are more knowledgeable and qualified than others in the industry, allowing their organizations to compete more effectively and provide superior service.

The objectives of the CFSP Credentials are comprehensive:

  • Raise the professional standards and quality of the foodservice industry
  • Encourage continuing educational development among foodservice professionals
  • Foster self-assessment by offering guidelines for achievement in the foodservice industry
  • Award special recognition to those foodservice professionals who have demonstrated high levels of competence and ethics.

To ensure the integrity of the CFSP credentials, one cannot be certified unless the individual can prove knowledge of a variety of foodservice subjects, as well as documented proof of top level experience within the industry.

The process for becoming CFSP certified is managed and overseen in the US by the NAFEM, the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers. In the UK, it is managed by CESA, the Catering Equipment Suppliers Association.

The CFSP designation is a universally recognized and respected industry standard for knowledge and experience about the foodservice industry. Consumers working with CFSP-accredited foodservice individuals should feel extra confident that they are dealing with the best, most qualified people in the industry

Experience Qualifications for CFSP Certification

A point system is in place that awards points based on general education, continuing education pertaining to the foodservice industry, participation in foodservice events and trade shows, and media recognition in the foodservice community. Once an individual has accumulated 35 points, they are then eligible to move onto the the knowledge portion of the certification process and can apply to take the exam for CFSP certification.

The Knowledge and Exam Portion for CFSP Certification

Rapids Contract and Design Restaurant Consulting Firm CFSP Certified

Once the required amount of experience points has been attained, an individual has two options available to earn the CFSP certification credential.

  1. CFSP In-person Course Package: Each August, a day-long CFSP overview seminar is offered at NAFEM's Chicago headquarters office. Class is one day long (8AM to 5PM). The test is offered the following day and allows the participant 2 ½ hours to complete the exam.
  2. CFSP Online Course Package: The Certified Foodservice Professional online course allows you to study the material covered in the test at your leisure. The test is then administered manually.

The course package is $775.00 and includes a text book, sample questions, and a glossary of terms to study.

There are three levels of achievement in the Certified Foodservice Professional program. You advance to new levels of certification as you earn the required number of points.
  • Level III: 35 (minimum number of points required to take the CFSP exam) to 54 points accumulated
  • Level II: 55 to 74 points accumulated
  • Level I: 75 points accumulated

Maintaining your CFSP designation requires that you participate in point earning each year, maintain at least 2 new points each year, and pay dues of $50.00 every two years.

Angie Haberer CFSP II Restaurant Consulting Team member at Rapids Contract and Design

Rapids Wholesale is proud of their commercial kitchen design department at Rapids Contract and Design, where many individuals are CFSP-accredited, along with other design accreditations.

For information or to begin the process of earning your CFSP certification visit the NAFEM website.

The following is the course material covered in the Equipment & Supplies Overview Seminar, based on the CFSP textbook An Introduction to the Foodservice Industry.

Chapter 1

The Foodservice Industry—An Overview

Chapter 2

The Channels of Distribution Within the Foodservice Industry

Chapter 3

Foodservice Facility Design

Chapter 4

Utilities—Basic Design Considerations

Chapter 5

Kitchen Ventilation—Basic Design Considerations

Chapter 6

Approval & Third-Party Testing Agencies

Chapter 7

Food Safety & Sanitation

Chapter 8

Food Production—A “Process” Overview

Chapter 9

Receiving & Storage Design & Equipment

Chapter 10

Ingredient Preparation—Equipment Considerations

Chapter 11

Cooking Equipment—Types, Sizes, Applications & Specification Considerations

Chapter 12

Bakery Operations, Equipment & Supplies

Chapter 13

The Service Area—Where Food, Beverages & Service Come Together

Chapter 14

“Front-of-the-House” Design Considerations

Chapter 15

Effective Dishroom Operations & Equipment

Chapter 16

Cook-Chill Production Methods, Systems & Specialized Equipment

Chapter 17

Specialty Markets & Their “Special” Equipment & Supplies Requirements

Chapter 18


Chapter 19

New and Emerging E & S Technology

Chapter 20

Sustainability Efforts in the Foodservice Industry

Below is the CFSP Worksheet of points awarded per category.

CFSP Point Accumulation Worksheet


Points Per


My Points


Education Level - (Highest Level only)

High School Graduate


Associate Degree


Culinary Program


Bachelor's Degree


Master's Degree



Advanced Degree

Juris Doctorate




Foodservice Industry Participation

NAFEM (Maximum 24 points)


NRA (Maximum 12 points)


Industry Trade Shows (e.g., IHMRS, RCA, SCAA, etc.)


International Shows (e.g., Food & Hotel China, FHA Singapore, Hotelympia,



Buying Group Conference Only (ABC, CPG, Excell, IFED, ISE, NAFED,



Regional Shows (ACF, DMA, SNA, etc.)


Allied Assoc Conference (CFESA, FEDA, FCSI, MAFSI, SNA, NACUFS, etc.)


Committee Member (per year)


Continuing Education

E&S Overview


CFSP Study Group


CPMR (101)


CPMR (201)


CPMR (301)


ServSafe® Certification



NAFEM Education Sessions


Industry/Education Sessions


Manufacturer's Seminars ________________


Utility/Certification Agency Training


Other __________________



Articles Written (Maximum 12 points)


Speaker/Instructor (Maximum 12 points)


Volunteer/Community (per year)


Industry Honors


It should be noted that all claims for point earnings must be documented and that NAFEM will review each claim.

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