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Key Features to Look for in a Horizontal Deep Well Bottle Cooler

August 8, 2017 No comments

ot all commercial beverage coolers are created equal. Each brand brings a slightly different set of attributes to the table. So, when you are choosing a new bottle cooler for your restaurant, you should take the time to consider a number of different variables to ensure you pick the cooler that will best fit your needs.

Choose a Slide Top Bottle Cooler that meets your Temperature Demands

The first (and one of the most important) considerations should always be temperature range. You will want to take a look at the refrigeration components to see if they will be able to keep your products at the optimal temperature.

Various temperature ranges are available:

  • Volition: 34 to 38°F
  • Beverage Air: 32 to 38°F (30-32°F for Frosty Brew Series)

Beverage Air also offers a Frosty Brew series that holds the temperature between 30-32°F. This is a great option if your bottle cooler is going to be getting a lot of use and you are worried about pulling the temperature of the products back down quickly. However, it is probably not suitable for non-alcoholic beverages, as they will freeze.

Pricing Considerations for Your Deep Well Cooler

Pricing is fairly straightforward – Volition products require the lowest investment, while Beverage Air is a bit more expensive.

Bottle Cooler Durability: Can It Handle Your Employees?

While durability of the cabinet is always important, the way your employees use the bottle cooler may necessitate sturdiness in other areas as well.

If your employees tend to sit on your bottle cooler, or need to stand on the bottle cooler (not recommended) to reach storage above it, you would want to choose a Volition. The lid support on these units is thicker and better suited to support the weight of a person than that of the Beverage Air coolers. The handles are made of better material on Volition units as well.

This also applies to the cap catcher that comes standard with these units. If your employees tend to use the cap catcher on the bottle cooler as opposed to a separate tool, Volition once again has the upper hand. Their cap catchers are made of steel, while the Beverage Air ones are made of plastic. They will be able to weather the repeated use better.

Accessibility and Convenience Can Make or Break a Horizontal Bottle Cooler

This consideration can definitely vary depending on your personal preferences. You might not care about how easy it is to access the thermostat or how much flexibility you will have with divider placement, but you should definitely take the time to think over if any of these will be important to you before you make a purchase.

One very helpful feature is a glass rail. It eliminates worry about glasses sliding off the top of the unit, thereby creating more storage space for you.

It so happens that both of the brands we are comparing include this glass rail, but other brands may not.
Returning to the issues mentioned earlier, Volition makes it easy to access your thermostat. With Beverage Air, you have to take off the sliding lid to see it.

When it comes to customizing divider placement, Volition has placement holes along the full length of the cabinet, while Beverage Air has some areas where you cannot place the dividers.
Both of these brands have the ability to lock their lids. However, while the locks are included in the original purchase for Volition, you have to buy a kit to add the locks for Beverage Air.
Some additional things to consider: Volition offers an integrated thermometer, as well as wall spacers that ensure the refrigeration system has enough space to work properly. Beverage Air does not include these features.

Also, Beverage Air is made in the USA.

Now you have a better idea of what to look for in a bottle cooler, shop our selection today!

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