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September 2016

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds for National Pumpkin Seed Day

September 25, 2016 No comments

The first Wednesday in October just happens to be National Pumpkin Seed Day. We could not let this slip by without shining a bit of light on pumpkin seeds because these little guys just happen to be a nutritional powerhouse. The World’s Healthiest have included pumpkin seeds within their list of the world’s healthiest foods.

Mold in Your Cold Brew Coffee? Here is The Solution!

September 20, 2016 No comments

How to Keep Mold From Ruining Your Cold Brew Coffee

The solution to mold in cold brew coffee is so simple! It works for a home cold brew machine as well as a commercial Toddy Brew system. Sanitize it! After you brew, immediately dump the grounds into your compost container and then fill your upper cold brew chamber with water almost to the top. Mix in the proper amount of sanitation as directed by your sanitizer. Make certain the filter is still in place between the chambers. That little screen filter is the perfect spot for mold spores to produce and hide.

How To Clean Your Commercial Popcorn Machine

September 19, 2016 No comments

Cleaning your Popcorn MachinePopcorn machines are everywhere now, and not just as a money maker for concession stands. Corporate America has started using them as a relationship builder, as well as to help appeal and attract the best employees; many offices have added commercial popcorn machines and keep the popcorn hot, popped, and free as an employee “perk” all day long. Service businesses have incorporated popcorn machines into their lobbies and waiting rooms, providing free popcorn in an effort to build a better relationship with their customers.

Increasing Efficiency and Student Happiness | Linn-Mar High School Cafeteria Renovation

September 16, 2016 No comments

When Linn-Mar High School recognized the necessity of a complete cafeteria renovation, their main focus was of course on the students. The current cafeteria did not adequately meet their needs – the students only have a half hour allocated for lunch, but it was taking some groups 25 minutes just to get through the line.

That’s where Rapids Foodservice Contract and Design came in. Working directly with the staff, our design team came up with a new setup they hoped would go above and beyond the expectations put together by the school. After the remodel was complete, Susan Knight and Stacy Fish, Nutrition Services Manager and High School Kitchen Manager, respectively, were kind enough to sit down with us and give us some feedback.

Polish your Profits with a Popcorn Popper

September 14, 2016 No comments

As the smothering heat of summer draws to a close and the crisp fall weather begins, people start to crave and anticipate the foods and events they associate with this temperate, colorful time of the year. These activities vary greatly, ranging from hoarsely cheering on your home team at Friday night football games to beautifully decorating (or attempting to) pumpkins at fall festivals.

For most of these activities, some kind of monetary transaction is taking place, and that’s where popcorn comes into play. Whether you are manning a booth at a fall festival or running your school’s concession stand, one of your main goals is to attract customers and encourage them to spend. A easy way to do this is by using freshly popped popcorn – the smell is both enticing and pervasive (so for all intents and purposes it markets itself), and it is fairly simple to make and distribute.

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