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August 2016

Fix The Bent Lug Tab On Your Sankey Keg With A Specialized Lug Straightener Tool - The Perlick Single Valve Keg Doctor

August 29, 2016 No comments

If you are experiencing leaks from your keg coupler, or it's difficult to engage or disengage the the tavern head from the keg, the problem may be a bent keg lug (keg ear). If the keg ear tabs are bent, the connection between the keg and tap leaks. Even if the keg does not leak, the bent lug causes the coupler to stick making it difficult to remove and a hassle when it comes to line cleaning time.

In The Foodservice Industry Gender Equality Is Almost A Reality For Women

August 25, 2016 No comments

Today, half of all U.S. restaurants are either owned or co-owned by women.

Since 2006, the number of women-owned restaurants has increased by 40%, compared to a 12% growth in overall restaurant business during that same period. In other words, restaurants owned by women grew at a rate three-times faster than the industry as a whole.

The restaurant industry is a place where women have a relatively clear path to success. Inspirational stories abound of women starting at the bottom and moving quickly into management and ownership positions.

Save Money and Protect the Environment with Hydrocarbon Refrigerant

August 24, 2016 No comments

Global warming is a very real phenomenon that has already been shown to have serious consequences, including polar ice melting, natural habit and precipitation pattern disruption, and a global temperature increase. The United States, in an effort to reduce the amount of hazardous emissions released into the atmosphere, has started taking steps to transform the way many industries design their products. One such industry is refrigeration manufacturing.

Beginning in the spring of 2017, refrigeration manufacturers will need to comply with EPA-mandated energy efficiency standards that will, depending on the type of refrigeration, require an energy-level reduction of up to 50%. In order to meet this goal, companies like True Manufacturing are coming up with a number of solutions, including the hydrocarbon refrigerant.

Increase Profits By Adding Rotisserie Chicken To Your Deli, Convenience Store, Food Truck Or Outdoor Food Booth

August 22, 2016 No comments

For as little as 29-1/4"W x 20-1/16" D in counter space, your convenience store, deli, food truck, or outdoor event can offer fresh-roasted rotisserie chickens to your customers. A Vollrath Countertop Rotisserie Oven/Merchandiser cooks and displays your food in a compact unit.

Explore the Convenience of a Commercial Refrigerator with a Self-Cleaning Condenser

August 22, 2016 No comments

Take some of the hassle out of maintaining your commercial refrigeration products with Turbo Air. Turbo Air’s new refrigeration line(including reach-ins, undercounter units, prep tables, worktop units, chef bases,and more) now includes a self-cleaning condenser that takes convenience to a whole new level.

Condensers normally are cleaned only twice a year, and a lot of debris can build up over that time, reducing the efficiency of your condenser and possibly even causing your commercial refrigerator to break down. The self-cleaning condenser system works to prevent this strain on both your condenser and your budget by cleaning the condenser 2-3 times a day. It operates by using a rotating brush designed to move along the condenser coils automatically, which will remove any dust and other debris that has accumulated.

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