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May 2016

Installing Your Restaurant Kitchen's Ventilation

May 31, 2016 No comments

Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Vent hoods can exhaust smoke, heat, steam and grease from the kitchen environment. Vent hoods assist in fire prevention by helping to contain any cook line fire within the hood cavity
Vent hoods can have fire suppression systems built in and the means to shutoff natural gas supplied to the cook line. By exhausting grease, heat, steam and smoke, vent hoods create a healthier environment for the kitchen staff.

Beer Line Cleaning

May 27, 2016 No comments

Beer Line Cleaning

Beer lines must be periodically cleaned to remove impurities and deposits that can cause beer to be flat or taste “off”. Recommended is every two weeks using a caustic solution which is high PH to take care of bacterial growth and additionally every 3 months an acid cleaning or low ph which takes care of beer stone

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Beer Equipment Hardware Common to Draft Beer Dispensers and Long Draw Beer Systems

May 26, 2016 No comments

There are several pieces of hardware common to keg beer delivery systems.

A gas canister (usually CO2) to pressurize and push the beer through the lines. A tap to attach to the keg. A regulator to set the correct gas pressure. Faucets and towers to fill the glasses. Cleaning equipment to help clear the lines and assure sanitary beer delivery.

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Two Types of Long Draw Beer Systems

May 26, 2016 No comments

Long Draw beer systems have several advantages for busy establishments. All of the kegs are kept in one large walk-in cooler. Kegs can be more easily hooked up in series to avoid running out at peak times. Less room is required in the service area for beer since the bulky kegs are elsewhere. Multiple service points can be supplied from one central keg cooling location.

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Kegerator Beer Dispenser Coolers

May 25, 2016 No comments

May 26, 2016 2:39:03 AM

Keg coolers resemble back bar coolers, but these refrigeration units hold kegs of beer rather than individually packaged product. Beer Dispenser Coolers are sized from 27.5 inches for a single keg portable beer cooler dispenser all the way up to 95 inch Beer dispenser that holds 5 full size kegs. Beer Towers with faucets, tap handles complete the beer cooler dispenser package.

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