Keep the Beer Cold and Flowing at Your Labor Day Bash

A labor day bash is not complete with cold beer. Labor Day honors our workers, and nothing rewards hard work better than a crisp drink of your favorite beer.

Depending on how many people are at your party, Rapids has some great options for keeping your beer cold. And if you aren't certain how much beer you'll need for your party, just check the Rapids Keg-o-Meter to get a reasonable estimate. You can assume that most people will drink 2 glasses of beer in the first hour and 1 glass of beer each subsequent hour.

Now, if your party is just a few people, you might want to consider the Brewtender tabletop beer dispenser . This tabletop dispenser holds 80 ounces and has a removable ice chamber that works great to keep your beer cold while sitting right on the table for easy access.
The base is equipped with an LED light, making it a fun addition to your backyard party after the sun goes down. This is a fun, functional dispenser for any beverage and will add to the festive nature of your table!

Rapids beer tube tabletop beverage dispenser holds 100 ounces of beer and, with the addition of the chill stick , will keep your beer cold for hours. This is also a perfect dispenser for other beverages, including lemonade or wine.

If your party is larger and you are serving a pony keg or full keg of beer, it is imperative that you keep that keg cold!. Beer tastes better cold, but more importantly, once you tap that beer with a party pump, you have introduced air to the keg and you only have 12 hours before your beer starts to turn stale. If your keg is warm, it will turn stale even faster. It will also be difficult to dispense and come out foamy. To prevent these problems, you must keep your beer between 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit, which an insulated keg jacket or keg cooler tub will do with ease.
If your labor day backyard party is a one-time event, and takes place in the course of a single day, then renting a keg with a party pump, along with a keg jacket or tub, is perfect. Unfortunately, if your keg distributor does not offer a keg jacket or tub with the rental, then you will have to purchase one.

On the other hand, if you have frequent parties where you serve keg beer, then you should probably invest in a portable beer cooler , also known as a jockey box. The jockey box uses a CO2 system to tap your keg and dispense your beer. This system will also keep your beer from spoiling overnight. In fact, as long as you keep the keg continuously cold, your beer should stay fresh for up to a week! A jockey box is perfect for tailgaters or parties that last a few days. They come with up to four faucets so you can dispense 4 different beer products, all pouring from the single jockey box location. You still will need an insulated keg jacket or keg cooler to keep the keg itself at the optimal 35-38 degree temperature.


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