Increasing your Profits is Easy with a Commercial Electric Deep Fryer

Whether it’s seasoned curly fries with a hamburger dinner or cheese curds to snack on over a beer with friends, fried foods have been shown time and again to be a perfect addition to any meal. If you are in the food service industry, having fried foods on your menu is a great way to increase your profits and keep your customers wanting more.

Why choose an electric countertop deep fryer?

While there are many fryer options available, getting an electric countertop deep fat fryer provides certain benefits that will make it stand out from the competition:

- The 10- and 20-lb. capacity fryer units that we offer are portable, which means you can store them when not in use, and they are small enough that you can incorporate them into your kitchen with ease.

- The electric units heat up faster and lose less heat than their gas counterparts. They also have faster recovery time between cycles, all of which means that you can get your food out to your customers more quickly.

A deep fat fryer lets you bring the fun of a fair to your diner or food truck

As summer ends, state fairs and other festivals are also coming to a close, meaning your customers are going to be missing some of their favorite fair foods. Fill that void and try something new with your deep fat fryer using inspiration from some of the Iowa State Fair’s most beloved concoctions:

  • Cheddar Bacon Cheese on a Stick
  • Deep-fried Milky Way
  • Loaded Tators on a Stick
  • Fried Fruit Kabob
  • Deep-fried Brownie
  • Jalapeno Double Bacon Corndog

Don’t forget to clean your electric deep fryer after your fair food experiment

Cleaning your commercial countertop deep fryer is of the utmost importance if you want your fryer to last and your food to taste delicious. And, when you use Fryer Puck Boil Out Deep Fryer Cleaner Tablets , you can complete the cleaning faster and with less effort. Not only do these concentrated deep fryer cleaning tablets reduce the amount of time you have to waste maintaining your fryer, they’re also easy to use:

1. The oil needs should be drained and filtered
2. Then, the fryer pot needs to be filled with water up to the “full” mark
3. Follow the box’s instructions as to how many tablets should be added to the water
4. Increase the temperature to 220°F and boil for 15 minutes
5. After 15 minutes has pass, drain the water, then neutralize the pot using a water and vinegar solution

Watch our fryer cleaning demonstration to learn more:

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