Impress Customers with a Mobile Microbrew Station

Using a draft box beer dispenser doesn't have to mean you are limited to just a few beer options. In just a few steps, you can easily turn your Volition beer dispenser into a mobile microbrew craft beer station!

The first step: choosing the size and keg capacity of the Volition kegerator you want. Rapids (the exclusive Volition dealer) offers a 59" wide option that can hold 9 sixth barrels, a 69" that can hold 11, and a 95" that can hold 16.

Next, (if you are interested in mobility) add casters. The resulting mobility will make adapting to different events a breeze, whether you want to be front and center for a beer tasting indoor festival or set up conveniently to the side for a wedding reception.

The third step is to replace your single or double tap beer towers with two 4-product or 5-product T-towers. These will let you pour up to ten products at once (depending on the keg storage capacity of your dispenser).

Then (and this should be the fun part), find ten brews you know your customers will love and purchase them in sixth barrels or corney kegs. Hook them up to your now 10-product dispenser, and starting pouring!

Depending on the number of kegs you choose to dispense, you will need to look at how you intend to pressurize your system. Often times you will be able to use the same amount of CO2 pressure for each of the brands, so you'll just need to get the appropriate size gas manifold to accommodate your selection. Reach out to the beer experts here at Rapids to help you configure the perfect craft brew micro-rig for your needs!

Volition Beer Dispensers Sixth Keg Capacities

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