How To Clean & Maintain A Kegerator Beer System

Summary Step 1) Choose The Right Fridge Step 2) Choose The Right Kegerator Conversion Kit Step 3) Step by Step Put It Together Step 4) Maintain Your System

23 Steps to Clean & Maintain Your Kegerator Beer Dispenser

1) Turn of pressure supply at the cylinder by turning the wheel handle in clockwise position.

2) Turn CO2 regulator off.

3) Remove Keg coupler physically from the keg.

4) Remove the CO2 line from the keg coupler.

5) With the beer line hooked up, but detached from the keg, take the detached key coupler and place it in an empty bucket. If the coupler has a ball and retainer in it, they will need to be removed.

6) Remove your faucet with a spanner wrench on the shank coupling nut.

7) Completely Disassemble the faucet and put it in the empty bucket with the coupler.

8) Prepare the Beer Line Cleaner Solution in the Jar Pump. (1 teaspoon solution in jar fill with warm water).

9) Attach the jar pump to Beer Dispenser Faucet Coupling Nut (use washer).

10) Pump the contents of the cleaning solution in jar through the beer dispenser System. This will force it through the line, the coupler and into your bucket.

11) Use your faucet brush to scrub the faucet parts and the coupler in the bucket. Get inside the faucet housing and scrub it good!

12) Empty the cleaning jar of any leftover solution and refill it with clean plain cool water.

13 Re-attach the pump assembly to the jar, and pump the clean water through the line to rinse out the cleaning solution.

14) Faucet parts out of the bucket and rinse with cool water, place on towel.

15) Re-assemble the faucet.

16) Using your spanner wrench again, detach the cleaning solution line from the beer shank.

17) Re-attach the faucet to the shank via the coupling nut. Secure with spanner wrench.

18) Pull the keg coupler out of the bucket and rinse the coupler thoroughly of the cleaning solution with cool clean water. Dry it off with a clean towel.

19) Reattach the CO2 line and the beer line and engage the probe.

20) Reconnect the coupler to the keg.

21) Open the regulator and turn the pressure back on.

22) Draw and enjoy a beer.

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