Halloween Promotional Ideas For Restaurants and Bars to Scare Up Extra Profits

From pumpkins to costumes to candy, Americans will spend nearly $6.9 billion on Halloween sales this year. According to the National Retail Federation , 157 million Americans will scare up an average of $74 per person this Halloween.

Adults enjoy Halloween just as much as kids do, meaning restaurant and bars can scare up some additional profits during Halloween. Be creative. Make your Halloween events unique and fun for your patrons. This is an opportunity to maximize profits, and it comes around only once a year. Do it right, and your guests will look forward to spending more with you each and every Halloween!

We have a few Halloween promotion ideas for your Restaurant or Bar

1) Decorate your premises to get your patrons in the mood. Depending on the aura you are going for, you can decorate with fall harvest decorations or creepy, crawly, scary decor.

Bloody Mary Shooters Recipe for Halloween

2) Serve seasonal foods and beverages . This includes pumpkin-based foods or food that is made to look scary such as brains, intestines, or eyeballs. Shape your pastries and desserts to reflect the season. Serve blood red beverages or soups in laboratory tubes. Use dry ice to serve smoking, scary drinks.

3) Print a special Halloween-themed menu with your seasonal items and place it on your tables and bar. It's easy when you use this menu template .

Create one or several Halloween events for your patrons to participate in. They could include:A pumpkin carving contest

  • A costume contest
  • A pet costume contest
  • During a period when your restaurant is less busy, organize a party for your patron’s kids.
  • Have your staff dress in costume.
  • Create a Zombie Walk that raises funds for a charity and ends at the door of your establishment. Promote this event ahead of time in your restaurant or bar by allowing your patrons to contribute to the charity by purchasing a paper Halloween cutout such as a pumpkin or a witch. Have them sign their name on the cutouts and then decorate your walls with these or hang from the ceiling.
  • Hold a cooking school night in your establishment that teaches your patrons how to make scary looking food and beverages.
  • Create a “Bloody Mary” lunch or brunch event
  • Sponsor a Halloween-themed art contest
  • Host a murder mystery show
  • Offer free food for children who come dressed in costume and accompanied by an adult
Find a food or beverage recipe that your customers will love:

Halloween Food Ideas for Your Restaurant & Bar


Halloween Beverage Ideas For Your Restaurant & Bar


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