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850' Run 2 Pump Glycol Beer Chiller System 1.75 HP 28 Gallon Tank

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SKU: 3K484
Item #: Rapids CWA-175/2
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Quick Overview

850' Run, 2 Pump Long Draw Draft Beer Glycol Chiller 28 Gallon, 1-3/4 HP

This large powerful Glycol power pack chiller will cool a total of up to 850' of trunk line. With it's 2 pumps, a storage tank capacity of 28 gallons for glycol and a heavy duty 1.75 HP motor, this glycol chiller could accommodate two multi product trunk lines. The unit is equipped with a digital thermostat for temperature assurance

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850' Run 2 pump Glycol  Draft Beer Chiller with 1-3/4 HP compressor and 28 gallon glycol tank capacity


850 Foot, 2 Pump Power Pack Beer Chiller 28 Gallon Tank Capacity 1.75 HP (Air Cooled)

This powerful glycol chiller can accomodate a total cooler to faucet run of 850 feet. It features a 1.75 HP compressor and has 2 pumps allowing you to push glycol through two seperate trunk lines. The large 28 gallon glycol tank capacity will keep your product cold from cooler to faucet. If you are unsure what a glycol system is or are currently using an inefficient forced-air system, this information is very important. Glycol chillers have the amazing advantage of extending the distance from the keg and the beer tap to a greater distance than that of a forced-air system. All of the beer lines and the glycol solution lines are put next to each other in an insulated foam tube so that the chilled glycol product from the chilling system keeps the beer cold during the beverage trip from cooler to faucet.

The BVL CWA-175/2 Glycol Beer Chiller Cooling System

This BVL Glycol Chiller can handle up to 2 trunk lines with multiple beer lines. The 28 gallon glycol tank along with the powerful 1.75 HP motor has enough cooling power to supposrt cooling product line for up to 850 feet total from your cooler location to your faucet location, keeping it cold all of the way. Remember to consider that trunkline with 10 products or more have 2 outgoing and 2 return glycol lines thus doubling the length of line to figure into your setup.

One of the best ways to keep brewery, restaurant and bar customers and consumers happy is to serve them the highest quality product possible. Glycol systems were designed mainly for this purpose. The taste of beer can be easily ruined if it warms up as it travels through the keg line, even going so far as to affect your business. Keeping the beer at a regulated temperature with the glycol chilling system is enhanced with the added digital thermostat to ensure that your beer is at the temperature of the highest quality.

Features of 2 Pump Glycol Beer Chiller CWA-175/2 by BVL

  • 28 gallon tank for glycol solution (mix 70% water, 30% glycol), 1-3/4 HP
  • 1-3/4 HP Compressor with 2 Pumps
  • Air Cooled
  • Total cooling support of up to 850 foot run from cooler to faucet. 
  • 11500 BTU
  • 32-1/2"W x 27-1/2"D x 34"H
  • Voltage AC 208 / 230
  • Refrigerant R-404a
  • Charge 6 Lb. 
  • 1' foam insulation
  • 275 lb. weight
  • Pressure approximate 55 low / 255 high
  • Pump (gravity feed) 140 GPH 
  • Plug 1 x 6-20P and 2 x 5-15P


Warranty for BVL CWA-175/2 Glycol Beer Chiller

1 year parts and labor

Learn the Basics of Glycol Chillers and Power Packs

Additional Information

Brand Rapids
MPN CWA-175/2
SKU 3K484
Color No

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