Giving Back to Our Veterans | Helping a Family in Need | RapidsCares 2017

This year, the family we had the pleasure of helping consisted of two veteran parents, Fatema and Scott, and their three children, all under the age of 12.

Their story is heart wrenching. It starts with Fatema, who was raised in Lebanon until she was in her teens, at which point she ran away rather than be married off to a high-ranking Hezbollah official.

She was escorted out of Lebanon by an American serviceman, then decided to join the American forces as a way to pay her respects to this country for saving her life. During the course of her service, she sustained injuries for which she is currently undergoing treatment at the VA Hospital. Unfortunately, that means Fatema and her family now have a lot of medical bills.

Their situation was worsened when Fatema fell into a coma during a treatment because of medication she was given. As Scott was trying to support both her and the kids through this difficult time, he ended up losing his job.

Ray Ropa with the Office of Veterans Affairs is currently working to get the benefits that are due to them (that would assist in covering her medical expenses), and he is also responsible for putting Rapids in touch with the Fatema and Scott.

Thanks to the generosity of our employees, we were able to raise over $650 for the family, which Rapids then matched.

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