For Bringing All of us to the Table; Thank You!

A sappy holiday editorial from your friendly neighborhood media nerd

It’s that time of year again - when those of us in the foodservice industry try to find a moment for thankful reflection somewhere in between our hectic preparations for the influx of hungry holiday shoppers, fueling their quest for the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

The pressure that comes from this mass migration from living rooms to shopping aisles can seem overwhelming. And far too often, not everybody is exactly cordial, am I right? Take this as an opportunity to spread a little love, seriously!

Know this. Few have the power to bring everybody together like you do. Despite our socio-economic, political, cultural, and religious differences, we all need to eat. And this is your opportunity to reshape the way we see and treat each other. I know it’s tough, but if we all go the extra mile to be a little more polite this weekend, a little more understanding, a little more patient, a little more inclusive, we can collectively be the living spirit of the holidays.

Here at Rapids, we are, in fact, a family-owned business. But more than that, we are a business family. Since at our core we truly care about all our employees – their well-being, their health, their spirit – we see the value in togetherness. I know, I know, you’ve heard this mantra before, but hear me out. We actually do live by a code to Deliver Excellence in Every Moment based on Pillars of Excellence that we together created to push us to be better people. Better people in business and better people in life.

Now, we didn’t carve out an immense amount of time to set these standards just so we could say, “Hey, look how cool we are.” We did this for you. Because at the root of everything is our belief in YOU. We believe in your dreams to create culinary excellence, prepare the perfect blend, brew the best darn beer you can. And we need to be always ready to help you do it.

And know that we respect you, too. We respect your drive, your work ethic, your passion. We know great things are possible and pledge to help you get there in any way we can.

We do all of this because we consider you part of the family. We’re proud of you, and want to help you reach further. Know we’re also here when you need us to help you rebound from disaster (should it occur). We know you’d do the same.

So what am I thankful for this holiday season? I’m thankful for the opportunity to work for a company that sees the value in all of us. But more importantly, one that sees the value in YOU! No matter where I may drink or dine; a neighborhood pub in small-town Iowa, an ethnic food truck down on 1st, a posh joint in the city, even the cafeteria at the children’s hospital, everything looks better across your table. Everybody looks and sounds the same over good food, great beer, and conversation. And for this, I thank you!

Thank you for bringing us to the table. All of us.

- Happy Holidays -

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