Fix The Bent Lug Tab On Your Sankey Keg With A Specialized Lug Straightener Tool - The Perlick Single Valve Keg Doctor

If you are experiencing leaks from your keg coupler, or it's difficult to engage or disengage the the tavern head from the keg, the problem may be a bent keg lug (keg ear). If the keg ear tabs are bent, the connection between the keg and tap leaks. Even if the keg does not leak, the bent lug causes the coupler to stick making it difficult to remove and a hassle when it comes to line cleaning time.

Not too long ago, a bent lug tab on your keg meant the end of the line for the keg. The only solution was to throw the keg away. That tiny little bent lug was costly, diminishing profits for the brewery or distributor.

Fortunately, with the right tool on hand, you can now fix your bent lugs on your beer kegs. The Perlick Single Valve "Keg Doctor" sold at Rapids Wholesale is a sankey beer lug straightener that is very simple to use and will save you thousands of dollars in tossed kegs.

Here is how the keg beer lug straightener tool works.

  1. Insert the beer lug straightening tool into the keg valve, as if you were inserting your keg coupler or tavern head.
  2. Position the lug straightener tool so that the lever on the tool is directly above the keg ear (lug) that needs to be straightened.
  3. Using a soft faced plastic hammer, tap the movable lever until the bent keg tab is straight.
Yes, it really is that easy!Sankey Keg Lug Straightener Tool sold by Rapids Wholesale.
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