Find the Perfect Jockey Box for Every Occasion

When trying to find the perfect jockey box for your event, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of options out there. These portable beer coolers vary on everything from number of taps, beer cooling type, quality of materials, and more.

Choosing the amount of taps you need should be relatively easy. If you occasionally enjoy tailgating and want to use a jockey box to dispense your favorite brew, one tap should probably be enough. If, on the other hand, you are going to a beer festival or other event where you are trying to showcase a number of different beers, the four-tap option would be perfect for you. It can also depend on your space options, as each additional tap means another keg you have to accommodate.

“The Jockey box was spot on! Thank you!! Great event. Poured awesome and many more to come thank you!”
– Chuck T. Rogue Ales & Spirits Regional Market Mgr.

Rapids Cold Plate Cooler & Coil Cooler Basics Video

Making the decision between a cold plate cooler and a coil cooler , on the other hand, should be done with your keg temperature in mind. If the internal temperature of your beer will be colder than 55 degrees Fahrenheit, a cold plate cooler is a good option. If keeping your kegs below temperature is not an option, a coil cooler would best suit your needs. The design of the coil cooler moves the beer in circles under the ice, giving it more time to cool down. This also means that the length of the coils you purchase is dependent on how warm your keg will be.

While all of the above variables can vary when you buy a jockey box, one thing you never want to skimp on is quality.

“Great all around and fast delivery…We needed a jockey box in a hurry for our first festival. It came in the expected time ready to go with the addition of our tanks, hoses, and regulators. Thanks!” – angrytrollbrewing

Features of a Durable, High Quality Jockey Box Beer Dispenser

When looking for a jockey box that you want to last, one important thing to look for is how the beer tubes exit the box. In some cases, manufacturers simply push a bare tube out the back of the box, exposing the cooler insulation and the tube to potential damage.

Instead, you want a jockey box that uses shank connectors to both protect the tubing and make hooking up your keg much simpler.

Insulation is another important factor. A jockey box with lower quality insulation will still work properly initially, but your ice will melt more quickly, making the cooling process less effective and increasing the amount of maintenance you have to do to keep the temperature consistent.

The jockey boxes at Rapids Wholesale have foamed insulation and thick linings to reduce the amount of ice you will have to replace, saving you money and hassle.

Exactly What I was Looking For…This was exactly what i was looking for. Every item listed was included. I plan on using this system for small functions, friend's weddings, company parties, etc. I purchased this item while it was on sale at a price that, quite honestly, would have been the same, if not more expensive, than if i had bought all parts and built myself. Thank You
- Adam
Convenience is important too. Our jockey boxes come pre-assembled (so you can get down to dispensing sooner rather than later).

And each of our beer cooler product pages include a Rapids Beer Tips section that lists everything you will need to complete the setup of your jockey box - if you don't already have the items - so you don't have to worry about accidentally forgetting an accessory!

Let’s not forget about durability. For many people, they purchase a jockey box because it's easily portable. This portability also requires that the jockey box be able to handle many different hardships, as traveling could damage the beer cooler.

At Rapids, you can rest assured our jockey boxes are made out of a sturdy picnic cooler, and both the stainless steel coils and the aluminum cold plate can be considered heavy-duty. If you settle for anything less, you may find yourself buying a new cooler much sooner than expected.

“Great Price-Quality Product!...Nice Quality with Stainless Shanks. Best Price I could find with better quality than many products in the marketplace.”
– Bob
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