Explore the Convenience of a Commercial Refrigerator with a Self-Cleaning Condenser

Take some of the hassle out of maintaining your commercial refrigeration products with Turbo Air . Turbo Air’s new refrigeration line (including reach-ins, undercounter units, prep tables, worktop units, chef bases, and more) now includes a self-cleaning condenser that takes convenience to a whole new level.

Condensers normally are cleaned only twice a year, and a lot of debris can build up over that time, reducing the efficiency of your condenser and possibly even causing your commercial refrigerator to break down. The self-cleaning condenser system works to prevent this strain on both your condenser and your budget by cleaning the condenser 2-3 times a day. It operates by using a rotating brush designed to move along the condenser coils automatically, which will remove any dust and other debris that has accumulated.

While this system will help keep your condenser running at a higher efficiency for longer, you should still take the time to clean your condenser manually one or two times annually, as grease and oil can also build up, and these require something stronger than a brush. Using a coil cleaner can easily take care of these deposits for you, and will allow the self-cleaning system to function more effectively.

Learn more by watching our video on Turbo Air's self-cleaning condensers:

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