Expand your Menu with a Commercial Panini Press

The ability to quickly toast your sandwiches or wraps without needing a massive grill is an invaluable one, and allows you to increase the variety of your menu items without a ton of extra cost. Simply stick your regular sandwiches on a restaurant panini press, and voila , you have a new item your customers will love.

Commercial panini presses come with either flat or grooved plates to ensure your needs are met. The flat plates will give you a faster result with a more even distribution of both ingredients and heat, and the grooved plates will provide you with aesthetic grill marks, but may result in your ingredients not being as evenly distributed.

Start taking advantage of the many benefits offered by the commercial panini press :

Panini presses are portable and reasonably-sized

If you aren’t a traditional restaurant, you might not have room for an enormous grill in your kitchen or prep area. That shouldn’t stop you from making deliciously grilled creations for your customers and, when you purchase a panini press, it won’t. The average size of these presses is 14,” perfect for a food truck or convenience store back counter. And the Vollrath options we carry are less than 50 lbs., meaning you can easily store it when you need the counter space for something else.

Adjustable press height allows for more control

This feature provides you with the flexibility to accommodate sandwiches and wraps of any size and thickness. It also lets you choose how close you want the top plate to be to your wrap, depending on whether you want the top to be lightly toasted or fully grilled.

Non-stick plates make cleaning simple

Although not every restaurant panini press offers this convenience, both flat and grooved plates are available with a non-stick coating that allows for longer use between cleans and makes the cleaning process faster and easier.

Precise thermostatic control provides versatility

You don’t have to settle for cooking every sandwich at the same heat level – the adjustable thermostatic control gives you the option to cook your concoction at whatever temperature you think will be best. It also means that you can grill foods other than sandwiches, like hamburgers (choosing a press with a drip tray is recommended for this activity).

Learn a little bit more about the advantages of having a commercial panini press and explore the options available here .

Cooking Video with the Vollrath Cayenne Panini Grill


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