Dexter-Russell PROTOUR™ Visits Rapids!

Dexter-Russell gave us the chance to learn more about how they set themselves apart from others in the industry by stopping by with their mobile education truck! Their engaging presentation and unique interior provided a lot of helpful information we wanted to pass on to you, our customers!

When It Comes to Cutlery, Quality Matters

The Dexter-Russell advantage came be summed up with the apt acronym CHEF. C is for Chemicals, H is for Heat Treatment, E is for Edge, and F is for Flexibility.


Dexter makes their knives using a proprietary stainless steel mix. It was formulated to provide corrosion-resistance and enhanced sharpness.

Heat Treatment

Heat-treatment shrinks the grains in the blade, which allows for superior sharpening and strengthens the material so the blade itself lasts longer than the non-heat-treated options.


Choosing the right edge is essential for professional cutlery. Straight edges are designed to cut without tearing your food and are the most frequently found edge. Scalloped edges are designed to break through crusts and other hard edges without damaging the softer insides. Duo edges have hollow ground ovals that reduce friction and allow air and juices to come between the food and the knife, which prevents food from sticking to the knife after you are done cutting. Serrated edges are designed to cut and rip the food, and so are usually best used by customers as they are eating your delicious meal!



Flexibility is important in certain types of cutlery, such as turners and straight spatulas. To prevent breakage and maximize usability, Dexter designs their blades to bend in a certain way and retain their shape afterwards. For example, a straight spatula from Dexter will bend in a J-shape (instead of the C-shape you can expect from most competitors), which lets you easily scrape batter and other concoctions from mixing bowls.

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