Crush your Summer Profits with a Commercial Snow Cone Machine

Summer is here, and that means soaring temperatures and customers eager to find a way to cool down. Make that decision a no-brainer for your customers by adding a commercial crushed ice maker to your restaurant, bar, or event booth.

The snow cone makers available at Rapids Wholesale come in two different styles, accommodating both business owners who want to blatantly advertise their machine, and those who want a maker that won’t take up much room behind-the-scenes. The larger model has a matching cart (as well as a cup dispenser) you can purchase, making it perfect for front-of-the-house placement. The bright blue color will draw the eye of children and adults alike. The smaller model is designed to be used on countertops or tabletops, so you can be more flexible with its placement. Both models can crush 500 lbs. of ice per hour, have a heavy-duty 1/3 HP motor, and have a 3 year warranty.

Delight your Customers with a Variety of Sno Cone Syrup Choices

Rapids offers more than ten different flavors of sno cone syrup, so your customers can choose the perfect flavor. Choices range from the more generic flavors such as cherry and grape to flavors they may not be able to easily find elsewhere such as fuzzy navel and root beer.
When you purchase your sno cone syrup, don’t forget to buy a pump for each one for easy dispensing!

Don’t miss out on FREE freight!

If you are buying a new snow cone machine, make sure you are taking advantage of free freight by stocking up on snow cone syrup at the same time!


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