Convert Your Refrigerator Into A Beer Cooler Kegerator For Dispensing Draft Beer At Home

How To Convert Your Refrigerator Into A Beer Cooler Kegerator For Dispensing Draft Beer At Home

Summary Step 1) Choose The Right Fridge Step 2) Choose The Right Kegerator Conversion Kit Step 3) Step by Step Put It Together Step 4) Maintain Your System

Setting up and drinking draft beer from your own beer dispenser system in your home is easier than you think. We are going to show you how to convert a refrigerator into a Beer Dispenser Kegerator that works every bit as well as a commercial beer cooler dispenser.

For this DIY Project, you are going to need a donor refrigerator, a kegerator conversion kit, and cleaning and maintenance equipment to keep your lines clean and your beer flowing right with maximum taste.

Step 1 ) The first step to converting a refrigerator to a kegerator is choosing the right fridge. For detailed instructions; the how and why of which refrigerator to choose to convert to a kegerator- Click Here.

Step 2) Step 2 of your Refrigerator to Kegerator Conversion is acquiring the additional components needed to create a working draft beer system. Everything you need can be found at Rapids Wholesale.

Along with your refrigerator, you are going to need a CO2 System, Tapping Kit and a Cleaning Kit. While it is a true that you can tap a keg and dispense beer with a manual pump (party pump or bronco pump) the problem is that the shelf life of the beer dispensed this way is only 8-24 hours. A Manual pump introduces outside air to your beer, and that is what causes the beer to rapidly become stale. A home kegerator is going to need a CO2 system to dispense the beer and keep the keg pressurized. Depending on the brand of beer, this should give your keg beer a shelf life of 25-40 days.

Cleaning of your beer lines should be done every couple of weeks. Bacteria, yeast, mold, and beer stones build up within a beer line and lowers the quality and taste of your beer. Your beer will become foamy and will not taste as it should if you don’t regularly maintain your beer lines.

For detailed information on kegerator conversion kits and CO2 Systems, Click here!

Step 3) It's time to put all the pieces together! We have Step by Step Instructions with photos and a video that shows you exactly how to take your fridge, and the Kegerator Conversion kits, and make a home kegerator system. For the step by step on creating your home kegerator, Click Here!

Step 4) Maintain Your Kegerator System For The Perfect Beer! Maintaining your Home Kegerator is necessary to keep your beer from developing bacteria and going sour. You will need to both clean and sanitize your beer lines. Rapids Wholesale provides the cleaning solution and equipment you need. For step by step instructions and video detailing how to maintain your home draft system Click Here.

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