Building a China Collection: Color-Matching with International Tableware

International Tableware (ITI) has a number of different off-white body colors for their dinnerware, including Bright White, European White, and American White. These colors are not the result of a pre-fire glaze – instead, they are simply based on the traditional color of the clay when it’s fired.

The Benefits of Color-Matching

Have you ever ordered a new batch of plates or bowls to expand your current collection, only to realize that the color doesn’t match your original dinnerware? At ITI, this color mishap won’t occur. If you order something from one of the American White collections, they will match items from any other American White collection (within acceptable industry standard variations). The same goes for European and Bright White options.

This gives you a greater amount of flexibility when it comes to creating a dinnerware inventory that meets your needs, and you can rest assured that if your dishwasher accidentally breaks a ton of your plates, you will be able to order replacements without worrying about color.

ITI White China Color Options

American White – American White dinnerware is off-white, almost beige. This creamy color is perfect for diners, bars, or restaurants that want a more traditional feel.

Bright White – China that is Bright White brings a sense of sophistication to your table, and the crisp white color makes your food pop. This option is the closest to true white in terms of color, and is usually used in fine dining establishments.

European White – This is the middle option, and can be described as a warm white. It’s a great choice for almost any restaurant or cafeteria; it still provides all the benefits of traditional dinnerware, but with a fresh feel.

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