Installing Volition Plate Casters

We have heard from a couple of customers that installing plate casters can be a little bit of a hassle, so here are a few tips that may make this process a little easier on you.

Tips for installing Plate Casters on Volition units

  • 1. Give yourself some breathing room. Try to raise the unit up high enough where you can comfortably get a larger screwdriver or commercial drill underneath it. We use a fork lift or pallet jack, but make sure the unit is safely secured before raising it. You may consider propping it up on sturdy milk crates as an alternative, but whatever you use, please make sure the unit is secured and will not fall off causing injury before you begin. If you need to tip the unit or lay it carefully on its side, please note that you will want it to remain upright again for an extended period of time (a few hours) before plugging in to make sure the coolant in the system has an opportunity to stabilize.

  • 2. Get a grip. Big screwdrivers with big handles will provide you with a much better grip which will allow for you to apply more torque. You will need to essentialyl cut the threads for the supplied screws into the hole to "self-tap" it, so arm yourself with the biggest screwdriver that fits.

  • 3. Pre-screw it. Drive the screws in before you add the plate caster, then back them off. By "pre-tapping", you won't be irritated by trying to keep a dangling, spinning wheel out of your way while you muscle through the steel.

  • 4. Phone a friend. With strength and patience, they will go on. But if you need to tap out, phone a stronger buddy. We've found that beer can be a good incentive for them to help out. Only please consume after the tools are put away ;)

How to Install Volition Plate Casters Video

Don't make too much fun of Paul for saying "leverage" instead of "torque"; you get the idea!

Oh, and that 2nd reason why we raised the unit up high that he didn't mention... it was just to get the camera under it.

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