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Portable Kegerator UBC KegMaster KM-1/5CT1

SKU: 9V969
Item #: Various KM-1/5CT1
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Quick Overview

Commercial Grade Portable Kegerator Beer Dispenser Tapper: UBC KM-1/5CT1

A commercial use portable beer tap kegerator by KegMaster that can be used anywhere,. This portable beer dispenser from UBC will keep your kegged beer cold and ready to serve at festivals, outdoor events and off premise catered events. Heavy Duty construction, built for commercial service. Shop with confidence at Rapids Wholesale - supplying bars and Restaurants since 1936.

Portable Kegerator Beer Dispenser Commercial Grade tapper from UBC model# KM-1/5CT1

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  • Portable  Kegerator UBC KegMaster KM-1/5CT1
  • Portable  Kegerator UBC KegMaster KM-1/5CT1
  • Portable  Kegerator UBC KegMaster KM-1/5CT1
  • Portable  Kegerator UBC KegMaster KM-1/5CT1


Portable Beer Dispenser- UBC KM-1/5CT1 Kegerator Beer Tap System

Commercial Grade! This portable beer tap system is essentially a smaller and more mobile version of a full-sized beer dispenser. What this means is that this portable tapper is not limited for use in bars or restaurants, and is designed for use outdoors during a picnic or even a beach party and other similar events. A huge difference between this portable tapper and any other beer dispensing cooler is that majority of beer dispensers are usually built to cool or chill two or more kegs of beer, unlike this portable tapper, which is limited for cooling a single beer keg, which is why it is more portable and mobile compared to ordinary beer dispensers.

Portable Kegerators: The Biggest Advantage of UBC KM-1/5CT1 Kegerator

Bars and restaurants are places where people go for perfectly chilled draft beer. But with this portable beer tap, enjoying cold draft beer straight from the keg is no longer limited to these places. Needless to say, with this portable beer tap, you can take your kegged beer wherever the party is. This portable tapper is also an excellent way to transport your beer while keeping it cool and at the perfect serving temperature. Use this for outdoor events, catered events and off premise parties. 

We have a wide selection of portable tappers here at Rapids Wholesale. Choose from black, stainless steel, and black vinyl finishes.

Details and Features of The UBC KM-1/5CT1 Portable Tapper

  • Powder coated metal housing with stainless steel top and inside surfaces
  • Four heavy duty rubber casters with brakes
  • Top has metal railing, dispensing tower, and drip tray
  • 2" Polyurethane foam insulation on top, 1 3/4” in the walls
  • Air cooled dispensing tower, built in blower pushes cold air through the tower
  • Two heavy duty evaporator fans for better air circulation and performance
  • Fits one 1/2 barrel, two 1/4 barrel,  or 4 1/6 barrel kegs
  • CO2 line is drawn from outside through a hole in the back of the unit
  • 1/5hp compressor, R134A
  • Voltage: 115/60 Volt/Hz, Work Load 3.7 Amp, 15 Amp dedicated circuit
  • Stainless steel top with removable drip tray and rails, Stainless steel floor and interior
  • 23 3/5" W x 32 8/10" D x 41 1/10" H, 150 lbs
  • Warranty: One year parts and labor, five-year compressor
  • Ships from IA


Rapids Beer Tips

To ensure your KegMaster kegerator is ready to go right out of the box, Rapids suggests you purchase either a Deluxe Tapping Kit (containing a CO2 kit, a cleaning kit, and a tapping kit), OR a simple CO2 Kit, depending on your needs. 

Need More Beer?

If you want to add additional kegs to your kegerator, you will need a few other items as well:


To add an additional faucet to your existing draft arms:

  • Depending on whether you want to add one, two, or three products, different kits are required. Each kit contains a sleeve, insulation, 3 set screws, and shank(s)
  • For each product you are adding, a faucet will be needed
  • The coupler/beer line kit and CO2 splitter kit will be required here as well, as you are still adding additional kegs.

Additional Information

Beer Dispenser Regular Top
Number of Doors 1
Exterior Black Vinyl
Energy Star No
Brand Various
SKU 9V969

Customer Reviews

2-year review - Nice overall construction / Crappy Danfoss Thermostat

Rapids was very helpful and product came well packaged. I bought the unit on 4/1/2015 and put it into service on 5/10/2015.

The thermostat (Danfoss 077F1045) failed on 3/6/2016. The failure caused 3 kegs of beer to freeze solid. The frozen beer expanded, broke the seal at the coupling and leaked out the top of the keg. The beer once de-frozen was undrinkable. I lost ~$300 in beer, but the replacement thermostat was sent FOC.

Thermostat worked for almost exactly 1 year, failing yesterday on 3/9/2017. This time 2 kegs of beer frozen, one coupling/keg leaking. I lost 2 more kegs of beer ~$200. I am getting ready ready to file my second warranty claim.

Even though the overall build quality is good I would NEVER buy this UBC kegerator again unless I knew the thermostat was upgraded, hence the 1 star rating. The thermostat is the weak link. It just isn't worth the lost product or hassle. I would have gladly paid more for more dependable frig.

I wish I would have had my review available before I bought the UBC KegMaster.

*** Chris, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have since contacted the manufacturer UBC, and they have notified us that the thermostat used in current production (2016-Present), though still a Danfoss, has been improved and the wiring is more reliable. Also, since your initial purchase, we have added the Volition line of Beer Dispensers including the VDD24 as another option in this category. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this has created for you. It's great feedback like this that helps us help our customers. --Rapids Crew ***

Reviewed by Chris on 3/10/2017

great people to work with

unit is somewhat load with the fact I would have like it to cool the beer closer to 32 degrees. Otherwise still a good deal.

Reviewed by Beer drinker on 9/18/2016

cold with lots of room

This thing not only cools but it has the room you need for any keg combo. I had a smaller cheaper kegerator and was sick and tired of putting up with the hassle of the cheap kegerator. Cheaper kegerators may not fit all keg sizes and they may not cool to desired temp. This kegerator will fit any keg plus the c02 can go inside the kegerator. This is nice as c02 goes further in a cold environment. It works well outside even in hot weather. I use it for pool parties. I keep it in the shade. The price is awesome on this website. With shipping this was the best price I could find. It does have a loud compressor sound when it kicks on but it doesn't stay on long and to be honest I would rather have function over quietness. Over time people get accustomed to noises and don't even notice them anymore.

Reviewed by joey on 9/25/2015

Great product for the money

So far so good. After installing the unit it chilled down very quickly and in a short amount of time I was pouring an ice cold beer. The unit is strong and has all the features that can be found in a commercial unit. I work in the beer industry and am familiar with the equipment. The cooling line for the tower the thickness of the walls to the size of the compressor all lend to this. Excellent buy.

Reviewed by Jack on 8/6/2015

Great product

Everything I had hoped for. It is noisier than my perlick but it's a third of the price. Great value!

Reviewed by Tom on 2/20/2015

Quality and feature rich kegerator

My old other brand commercial kegerator died so i was looking for a new one. This kegerator had the features i was looking for mainly a knockout plug for external co2 or draining wich many portable kegerators i was shopping for did not have. This kegerator arrived fast and in excellent condition. It has a quality structure no plastic inside is all stainless steel that should hold up over many years of keg changes. It also has forced air tower cooling wich is a must have if you never want foamy beer. Oh did i mention heavy duty compressor. I had to turn the thermostat down and have it at 36 degrees Wich i like to run at around 38 degrees but my wife told me to leave it there so thats where it stays lol. It has solid construction and quality materials. All in all if you are serious about your beer or home brewing this kegerator should be on your shortlist.

Reviewed by Dave on 7/31/2014

nice product

Received this item nicely crated and no damage. Assembly instructions are not too easy to comprehend, but after a call to the manufacturer for clarification, things went well. Tower mounts securely. There is a hose that provides cool are to the top of the inside tower that keeps the beer cool there, too. I have a thermometer inside and it maintains the beer at 40 degrees as recommended by the brewer, with the dial set about midpoint. Positive wheel locks keep it solidly in one place.

Quality construction and everything looks really nice. Runs fairly quiet, not much louder than my regular fridge. Every once in awhile a fan or something kicks in and it doubles the sound, but very acceptable. I keep my 5# CO2 cylinder inside or you can rout it thru the back.

My first beer poured perfectly, no foam issues.

Reviewed by carl on 5/24/2013

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